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NFT Gaming news

If you want to Play 2 Earn, it Pays 2 Read

Anime, open world, and gacha, that best describes the newest MMORPG to arrive in town, Tower of Fantasy. An addition to the growing number of anime-themed MMOs, Hotta Studios' newest title is on a steady climb to the top of popularity charts.
With more and more web3 game projects being launched, blockchain company Zilliqa reveals that they are working to creating a web3 game console. The console will feature Zilliqa's first-party games as well as other functions like web3 wallet integration and mining.
After much anticipation, GPU manufacturing giant NVIDIA has finally revealed their new RTX 40 series. The new lineup will soon replace the 30 series or the 3000 series to others as NVIDIA's main line of graphic cards built not just for gaming but also for workstations.
Blockchain games platform MyMetaverse announces that they are starting the mint of their first NFT with in-game utility. Partnering with Efinity, a blockchain built on Polkadot, MyMetaverse's new NFT will have utility in their in-house MMO as well as their own multiplayer game servers.
Axie Infinity might soon be hosting tournaments with prize pools in the millions. Developer Sky Mavis has just announced a new esports grant program that will be giving away up to 160,000 AXS with the value roughly equivalent to USD 2,400,000
The Animoca shopping spree continues. The titan metaverse brands reveals that they have completed acquisition of WePlay Media, developer of the MotoGP app.
Skyweaver joins the trend of trading card  games making it big in the blockchain gaming space. The title from Horizon Games however, starts by capitalizing on web2 technology while slowly incorporating web3 elements.

play to earn news

The dawn of AAA blockchain games is near and it begins with Metalcore. Combining the popular mechanics of your favorite FPS games plus giant robots, Studio369's upcoming title is more about the gameplay plus a few blockchain opportunities.
Pixel art gameplay enters a whole new level. Voxies' Voxie Tactics is a game that blends nostalgic mechanics with blockchain made by an all-star development team.
Get socializing while playing and earning. Kitty Inu's metaverse, 9VERSE hopes to bring different experiences starting with the blockchain game, Kitty Kart.

axie infinity news

Axie Infinity proves that they are continuously building despite the state of the market as info about an upcoming event spreads online. Coming later this year, the list of activities will add more play-and-earn opportunities for players, including themed events and other rewards.
Axie Infinity Origin is still full steam ahead and that is evident with a new major update. Finally adding what many have been waiting for - more utility for SLP - is this the comeback that blockchain gamers are all waiting for?

metaverse news

Metaverse and blockchain are two concepts that go hand-in-hand in the web3 space. The term has had different impressions and meanings for different people like UnionBank’s Migui Planas. In a recent guesting at CrypTalk, hosted by Myrtle Sarrosa, the UnionBank rep talks about his understanding of the metaverse as well as how he got into web3.