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NFT Gaming news

If you want to Play 2 Earn, it Pays 2 Read

Esports and Gaming Summit(ESGS) 2022 is finally coming back on-ground in a jampacked three-day super event with gaming gear, activities, prizes and surprises! This year’s ESGS will be held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City from October 28 to 30, returning from the online space. For two years, ESGS was held virtually, keeping patrons engaged as #GamingNeverStops and #GamingIsLife.
Will Wright, the famed designer behind The Sims takes his talents to the metaverse. Partnering with Gala Games, Wright is now working on a blockchain title that will have exploration, resource gathering and of course social elements.
A new autobattler is here to join the growing list of web3 games. Created by Kuma Games, Chibi Clash joins the list of auto-battlers in the blockchain game space.

play to earn news

The blockchain gaming industry's quest to produce titles of AAA quality continues this time with Delysium. Still in development, the game promises open-world exploration and combat in a highly futuristic setting as well as unique features such as the playable whitepaper.
Skyweaver joins the trend of trading card  games making it big in the blockchain gaming space. The title from Horizon Games however, starts by capitalizing on web2 technology while slowly incorporating web3 elements.
The dawn of AAA blockchain games is near and it begins with Metalcore. Combining the popular mechanics of your favorite FPS games plus giant robots, Studio369's upcoming title is more about the gameplay plus a few blockchain opportunities.

axie infinity news

Axie Infinity might soon be hosting tournaments with prize pools in the millions. Developer Sky Mavis has just announced a new esports grant program that will be giving away up to 160,000 AXS with the value roughly equivalent to USD 2,400,000
Axie Infinity proves that they are continuously building despite the state of the market as info about an upcoming event spreads online. Coming later this year, the list of activities will add more play-and-earn opportunities for players, including themed events and other rewards.
Axie Infinity Origin is still full steam ahead and that is evident with a new major update. Finally adding what many have been waiting for - more utility for SLP - is this the comeback that blockchain gamers are all waiting for?

metaverse news

Metaverse and blockchain are two concepts that go hand-in-hand in the web3 space. The term has had different impressions and meanings for different people like UnionBank’s Migui Planas. In a recent guesting at CrypTalk, hosted by Myrtle Sarrosa, the UnionBank rep talks about his understanding of the metaverse as well as how he got into web3.