United Gamers

About Us

United Gamers is a community of avid gamers who believe in the future of Web3 gaming, Play-to-Earn mechanics, and NFT-based rewards.

We operate a play-to-earn DAO composed of seasoned esports and crypto professionals… and we’re the people behind the media portal you’re reading right now.

Our aim is to create and promote a sustainable ecosystem in the play-to-earn and NFT gaming field through esports, amd scholarships.

Since our inception in 2021, United Gamers has already made a strong mark in the play-to-earn scene. We have already:

  • Amassed more than 1,500 scholars in Axie Infinity.
  • Developed the UGG All-Star Axie tournament, which was watched by more than 10 million people. 
  • Created podcasts, videos and articles to educate players and farmers on how to become investors and stakeholders in the future of gaming.

UGG is open to  anyone who wants to join the revolution. If you’re a traditional gamer or a P2E gamer who wants to learn more about the space, United Gamers is a great place to start.

How to get involved

If you’re someone who’s interested in NFT games and Playing to Earn, but you don’t yet have the means to invest, you can apply for a scholarship. The assets are owned by the DAO, but lent out to scholars so that they can play. In return, the DAO will get a certain portion of the profit. You can join our Discord channel and follow our social media platforms for scholarship slots giveaways.

If you’re a competitive player who wants a competitive fix, you can follow our Facebook and Twitter for schedules of our tournaments.

If you want to be a partner, you can email us at partnerships@unitedgamers.gg so we can further discuss our goals and vision.

And to contact our journalists with tips or news releases, please email editor@unitedgamers.gg