Zyori: “Bear market or bull market, we’re here to build”

It's always full steam ahead for Sky Mavis and Axie Infinity!

Axie Infinity’s community manage Zyori joins Cryptalk and shares interesting insights on the direction of the hit blockchain game project. Sharing his journey from where he started to the state of the game now, Zyori shows that there is more to expect from Axie Infinity, and Sky Mavis regardless of the state of the market.

In the interview hosted back in May 19, the former Dota 2 commentator turned blockchain game enthusiast states that they or Sky Mavis continues to the “push the needle forward” for Axie Infinity. Once the largest and most popular blockchain game, Axie Infinity finds itself in a storm of uncertainty. Aside from the current global trends in cryptocurrency, the project also suffered a major blow with the Ronin bridge incident earlier this year. Despite the huge challenge though, Zyori highlights the speedy recovery that the team has done by quickly raising funds to counter  the incident. The team also worked with brands such as Binance to help recover the lost funds.

Zyori became Sky Mavis’ program lead for esports and content creators back in April 2021. Zyori describes that he joined Sky Mavis during the time when Axie Infinity classic started to blow up. “It’s truly a global phenomenon”, Zyori says, “I think we have Axie players in every country”. And that might be true as the game peaked at nearly 2 million players back in October 2021, just months after Zyori became part of the Sky Mavis team. He attributes this growth to the scholarship model becoming very popular. Blockchain games are typically known for their high barrier or price of entry. The scholarship model allows owners to share their NFTs and provide profit-sharing mechanics. This lowers or even eliminates the upfront cost of acquiring NFTs to play. This model is present in other games as well and done through guilds like United Gamers DAO.

Into the future

As to what the future holds, Zyori states that Axie Infinity, is not yet in its final form. As an ever expanding universe, or metaverse, the team aims to “expand the product offering” and “have more utility for Axies”. They plan to achieve this by offering more gaming experiences and continue to improve on the current version of Axie Infinity.