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1437 Takes Top Spot on Axie Infinity Season 20 Leaderboards

In Season 20, 300,000 players were able to make it to the top spots!

Season 20 of Axie Infinity has now officially concluded with the game-changing Axie Origins update coming up next at the end of the month. In Season 20, 300,000 players were able to make it to the top spots on the leaderboard and will be awarded coveted $AXS tokens for their efforts. 

To the uninitiated, Axie Infinity is the biggest blockchain-enabled game on the block accounting for 19% of all NFT transactions. In the game,  players raise and breed non-fungible tokens (NFT) called Axie which they can use to battle against the game or other players for potential awards of Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and $AXS. Since its launch in March 2018, it has successfully run 20 seasons of PVP arena battles that offer special rewards to the top players in the leaderboards.

For Season 20 of Axie Infinity, Theeban Siva aka 1437_MT8 (Metat8 | 1437) took the top spot on the leaderboards with an MMR of 3754. In second place was tersaikk | Perion with an MMR of 3730 while in third place was A&B’s #1 Fan | Kuju with an MMR of 3704.

The top 300,000 players will receive mAXS tokens (0.001 of an AXS) with the top three spots getting 203 AXS (roughly 10,667.23 USD), 158 AXS (roughly 8,302.57 USD) and 124 AXS (roughly 6,515.94 USD) respectively with the lowest rank from the top 300,000 getting at least 0.288 AXS. 

Apart from the AXS rewards, players who win their Arena battles will receive a number of SLP per win depending on their current MMR score. Players below 800 MMR can now get at least 1 SLP per win to allow weaker Axies to still gain SLP and to allow players to practice while still rewarding their efforts.

For the amont of SLP rewarded, please refer to the table below:

0-9991 SLP per win
1000-10993 SLP per win
1100-1299 5 SLP per win
1300-14996 SLP per win
1500-17998 SLP per win
1800-199910 SLP per win
2000 – 249912 SLP per win
2500+14 SLP per win


Based on the updated SLP rewards table, the higher your MMR, the larger the SLP rewards and this is awarded per win as long as you still have energy on your account.

Axie Infinity also had its biggest season so far in terms of participants with over 2,600,000 players vying for a spot on the leaderboard, reaching an all-time high prize pool of 117,676 AXS (roughly around 6,000,000 USD)

With Axie Season 20 ending, MMRs and the leaderboards have been reset to the default 1200 for the off-season to allow players a level playing field to gain MMRs again.

The end of Season 20 also marks possible changes for the game such as the proposed energy rework (that is still under heavy discussion) and the upcoming release of Axie Infinity Origin that is set to be launched at the end of March / Q1 2022.