3 promising NFT games that might actually be *fun* to play

Space Mechas, car racing sims and fighting games are looking to spice up that stale old NFT gameplay!

With NFT Gaming still in its infancy, the current crop of games still have very little to offer in terms of the quality, creativity and variety of gameplay. In fact, more often than not, we simply get some light RPG or collectible card game mechanics. 

However, there are some games on the horizon that are looking to change this and add gameplay that is truly engaging and unique to the mix. 

Here are three upcoming NFT games with actual interesting gameplay.

Phantom Galaxies


One look at Phantom Galaxies and it’s immediately apparent that its gameplay is leagues ahead of your average NFT games. Channeling inspiration from the old Robotech anime of yore, Phantom Galaxies puts you in the cockpit of your very own transforming starfighter mecha as you explore, upgrade, and fight your way through the galaxy.

In its various trailers and previews on the Phantom Galaxies website, it looks the game will feature a wide variety of gameplay types.

One moment shows a starfighter zipping through a densely-populated debris field dodging incoming terrain and enemy laser fire in a scene that’s very reminiscent of the Rogue Squadron games. In another scene, while a mecha blasts a large enemy ship into a million pieces as the mecha transforms into its starfighter form and jets away to begin another bombing run.

The action isn’t just limited to space combat though, as there seems to be plenty of ground-based encounters as well.

There are various points in the previews that show off various mecha walking on a planet’s surface and laying waste to opposing ground forces. There appears to be a lot of variety in terms of enemy types to clobber and blast as well. We’ve spotted rival mechas and starfighters; smaller walkers and soldiers; and huge hulking mechas that are easily twice the size of your own.

We’ve also spotted some on-foot sections reminiscent of Bioware’s Mass Effect, where your avatar can walk around and explore space stations and other locales while grabbing and cashing in quests from the local NPCs.

With how it’s shaping up, Phantom Galaxies’ gameplay seems lightyears ahead of the typical, bog-standard NFT game fare, and it seems definitely worthy of consideration for gamers looking for something more.

Battle of Guardians

Website – Whitepaper

While there’s not a lot of gameplay footage for Battle of Guardians, the one trailer that the game has on their official Twitter has some very promising stuff for fighting game fans looking to get into NFT games. 

The brief 35 second click shows two characters duking it out in a 2D fighting game arena not unlike that of the Street Fighter franchise. It seems to showcase some tight controls governing some of the basic elements of a fighting game: Combo strings of punches and kicks; spacing and movement via dashing and jumping; as well as Projectiles and Special/Super meters.

Despite its brevity, we also spotted quite a few advanced fighting game mechanics at work in the short trailer.

Both characters pulled out a Launcher move that pops enemies into the air allowing for a follow up air combo. At 00:19, Cindaku also executes a move that feels a lot like a Focus attack from Street Fighter IV, which put his waking up opponent Prabu Siliwangi into a Crumpled state which allows Cindaku to pile on more damage.

Finally, we saw Cindaku also execute a OTW or an Off The Wall attack which acts as a combo extender, driving his opponent in the wall who then bounces off, allowing Cindaku to continue the onslaught.

Hopefully, Battle of the Guardians continues its development and we’ll get a better look at its gameplay but for now, there’s certainly enough to keep the members of the Fighting Game Community interested.


Website – Litepaper

Here’s something for all the racing and car junkies in the room. 

Revv Racing is a time-trial based racing game that blurs the line between racing sim (Need for Speed Shift, Forza Horizon) and arcade racer (Burnout, Outrun).

In the game, players drive their own custom car around a race track and compete towards achieving the fastest time in three laps.

The controls are as simple as a racing game, with acceleration, braking, handbrake, and steering all present and accounted for whether you’re playing on a keyboard or controller (racing wheel support will supposedly follow). The proverbial proof of the pudding will be in how finely tuned and responsive these rudimentary controls are as that will definitely influence how far you can excel in playing the game.

In terms of game modes, at the time of this writing, there is only the single player time-trial run available. Hopefully, as development goes forward, more game modes like head-to-head drag racing and multiplayer can be introduced. 

As of now, if you want to live NFT gaming life one quarter-mile at a time, RevvRacing has something for you.

Until now, it’s been slim pickings for NFT gamers that want interesting and varied gameplay out of their games. However, if these three are any indicator as to where the industry is going as far as gameplay is concerned, we’ll have a lot more to talk about in the very near future.