Adventure Mode in Axie Infinity - analysis of SLP effect on scholars

Adventure Mode SLP is no more: Analyzing Axie Infinity’s big announcement

Sky Mavis addresses the economic issue of surplus SLP with a major update to Adventure Mode.

Huge news rocked Axie Infinity players and fans as Sky Mavis revealed details of Adventure Mode changes for the upcoming Season 20 update.

Posted during the wee hours of February 4, 2022, Metro Manila time, the previously discussed changes to Adventure Mode as well as some other economic changes — particularly SLP gains from PVP.

Goodbye Adventure Mode SLP

The biggest change for the upcoming season of Axie Infinity will bid goodbye to the SLP gains from the game’s Adventure Mode.

As revealed in previous developer discussions and included once again in the update document, SLP gained from Adventure Mode make sup roughly 40% of all of the SLP that is being minted or earned daily resulting in a huge supply of surplus SLP.

While this level of gain might be big for Scholars who are trying to meet the daily minimum quotas set by their managers and guilds, Sky Mavis reiterates that “In-game rewards must be earned as a result of skilled activity”. In addition to removing the SLP gains from Adventure mode, SLP earned from completing daily quests is also removed, although Sky Mavis states that quests might see a comeback in a future update. 

This big update to Adventure Mode has been the focus of discussion for many fans, and many have expressed disappointment with this change. As the majority of players have learned to rely on Axie’s Adventure Mode for a big chunk of their SLP earnings, they will now have to rethink their approach once the Season 20 update hits. 

Adjusted PVP earnings

PVP, or the Arena Mode, also sees changes in SLP gains for Axie Infinity’s Season 20 update. Major adjustments resulting in slightly lesser SLP rewards for winning matches will be implemented, starting with players who are at 1100 MMR and above.

SLP earnings for teams that are below 800 MMR are also reintroduced; however, they will max out at 1 SLP per win up until they hit the higher ranks.


0 – 80001
801 – 9991


1100 – 129965
1300 – 149996
1500 – 1799128
1800 – 19991510


To help balance out this change and still promote healthy competitiveness in the arena, Sky Mavis also adjusted the reward for AXS for high ranking players or players who make it to the leaderboard.

Next season up to 300,000 players will be eligible for AXS rewards with the top player to earn 203 AXS. With this change Sky Mavis hopes to supercharge Axie Infinity’s competitive scene, and allow for more demand of higher quality Axie teams, ultimately stimulating the economy while future spending and burning mechanics are put in place.

The future burns

Speaking of burning mechanisms, Sky Mavis has also teased and detailed future plans for burning and spending systems for Axie Infinity. Add-ons such as skins, in-game cosmetics, Axie naming tools, breeding events and even upgrading of Axie body parts are listed as possible economic sinks that will encourage more SLP utility and spending in-game.

Another future update for spending and burning SLP will be a token crafting system which will allow players to power up and augment their Axies. This update will look to add more diversity into Axie Infinity’s already competitive gameplay and could be a more “affordable solution” to making sure that an Axie team can keep with the meta over acquiring a brand new team.

All of these changes and updates will be made in line with the Origins update, which is planned to become this year’s major milestone.

United Gamers Analysis and Perspective

While these updates will not moon the value of SLP overnight, these drastic measures should be a welcome change in preparation for Axie Infinity’s future — both gameplay-wise and for its economy.

At its core Axie Infinity is still a competitive game, so focus should be put on incentivizing players that actually strive to become the best and reach the top of the leaderboards.

This is not a complete solution but still a necessary move to help get the economy under control. Introducing and deploying the planned burning and spending mechanisms is still necessary, but the issue of SLP oversupply should still be addressed first as there will be no point in introducing major burning or economic sinks now when there is a lot of surplus SLP being minted or earned on a daily basis.

This is a good start: After all, as any medic will tell you, it is important to stop the bleeding first while proper treatment is still on its way.


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