Axie Infinity Origin Mobile

Android users can now play Axie Origin on mobile

A ton of other updates includes in the game as well!

Axie Infinity Origin is now available for mobile on android today, May 12. In the announcement through the official Discord, Sky Mavis has also tacked on some hefty updates updates on the game’s UI, settings and bug fixes.

You can now download and run Axie Origin for your android mobile device today and start playing right away. You simply need to go to on your mobile phone and you can download the APK and run the game on your device. This is part of the original Axie Origin roadmap making the game more accessible to the average user. 

The Origin mobile APK being available for download comes as a surprise as there had been no previous announcements of its arrival despite being on the Axie Origin development roadmap. It is a pleasant surprise today, however, when it was announced that it will be released together with some new updates for the game.

Axie Origin is the third iteration of the highly popular Axie Infinity that gained widespread popularity last year due to its play-to-earn feature. Axie Origin had an Alpha launch just last month last April 7, however, it had only been available for desktop users of Windows 10 and MacOS. Prior to this update, only Axie Infinity Classic was available on mobile. 

Along with the downloadable APK installer of Axie Origin for the mobile came some updates to the game proper. The update also includes a number of interesting user interface (UI) improvements to the game to make switching screens smoother, snappier and more streamlined. These include changes like being able to navigate to an Axie’s equipment screen quicker, being able to filter Axies via their equipment, and a favorite button to keep tabs on your favorite little Axie Creatures. There are also helpful additions, alerts and notifications that help you keep track of things better while playing the game, such as a clearer alert when time runs out on your turns in Arena battles.

There are several other updates made include changing the time for when Bloodmoon curse starts which is now at turn 15. Statuses and rune effects also now activate simultaneously which should increase the game speed of every match in the Axie Origin Arena. Lastly, Full HD Graphic option, which boosts the graphical quality of the game, is now available when you go to Settings.

Some bugs have also been solved such as the sound effects at the start of each battle and how can be canceled, a mechanic which has been abused by other players.

The updates including the download of the APK for Android devices went live today, May 12, at 3 PM GMT+8