Apeiron, an NFT game where you are God, raises $10M in funding

It's like Black and White but in the blockchain!

Apeiron will be the first god game on the blockchain and NFT space. Players can buy NFT planets right now at the floor price of 0.15 ETH. Players will play as a godling where they can develop and grow their planets similar to games like Populous or Black and White. You can also take control of an Avatar which you can bring into battle with others for rewards.

The game uses a tri-token system in-game. These three tokens are the governance token, a play-to-earn token, and a premium team-to-earn token. Each token type is used for different purposes in building, developing, and going into battle with other players. These tokens are tradeable on the marketplace and can be exchanged for real-world cryptocurrency.

Apart from planets, players can buy stars and relic NFTs to enhance their gaming experience as they develop their worlds. And once your planet is fully developed, you can cause an armageddon and start all over again like a game of SimCity.

South Korean investment firm Hashed recently led a round of $10 million investment for the NFT game Apeiron. Developed by Foonie Magus, Apeiron is one of the hottest blockchain games in the market today. It has now collected $17.5 million for its development which includes $3 million in pre-seed investment, $10 million in seed investment, and another $4.5 million from NFT sales.

The South Korean firm has experts on the blockchain that are based in both Seoul and in Silicon Valley. The company has been a core backer in Web3 technology with over $320 million in investments raised in the past 12 months. According to Hashed, they believe that the transition to Web3 will “usher in a future where technology empowers individuals, and not the other way around.”

Foonie Magus CEO and Apeiron creator Frank Cheng expressed his delight over the support that they have received in developing this game especially since they’ve been working on the project for the past six years. Cheng says “all the hard work is paying off and the dream is becoming a reality. We are thrilled to have found partners who share our crazy visions, and we are in for one hell of a ride for the entire gaming industry, one that will present a memorable experience for all to share and own together.”

After this seed investment, Apeiron is looking to collect an additional $10.7 million from private and community investment rounds including a Token Generation Event or TGE. This is for them to get ready for the global debut of the game in Q4 of this year. 

For more details on Apeiron, you may visit their website at apeironnft.com.