ArcheWorld kicks off NFT land mint

Let the minting begin!

A new world is about to be opened for blockchain gamers as XLGAMES’ is set to begin theNFT land mint of its upcoming MMORPG ArcheWorld later this month.

ArcheWorld is a medieval-themed fantasy blockchain MMORPG set in a world filled with dragons and other fantasy creatures. The game promises features such as factions, guilds, new continents to explore and zones to govern and as well as the usual blockchain or NFT game components such as tokens and staking.

Next week, ArcheWorld will begin its final milestone for Phase 1 of its development roadmap and that is the minting of the blockchain game’s NFT lands. This follows the Fandom Card NFT minting event that took place last March of 2022.

The land functionality in ArcheWorld will allow users to ‘cultivate crops and trees’ and as well as raise livestock, which we assume would be a source of in-game resources. Aside from farming, lands can also be used to build digital houses and even collect or pay taxes giving it a role in the game’s overall economy. As per their info video, lands will be a limited resource with a certain number allocated per server. Various land sizes will also be available with the number or size or availability of structures that players can build to be dictated by land size.

Users who will participate in the NFT land mint event taking place on May 23, 2022, will soon be able to permanently possess their own digital real-estate in ArcheWorld and get access to its benefits.

Aside from the mint event, more rewards are also to be given away. 1,000 Archeum, one of ArcheWorld’s in-game resources, will be given to users who will participate in an upcoming pre-registration event for the game and users only have to link their wallets before the official launch of ArcheWorld.

More information on ArcheWorld’s pre-registration event and as well the NFT land minting event is available on their official website and social media channels.