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Axie builders share concepts for fighting, racing, and MOBA

Creators gonna create, as Axie Infinity's Sky Mavis is rapidly discovering.

The Axie Infinity Builders program is in full swing and game creators all over the world seem to be very active in trying to introduce new concepts and experiences. Aimed at promoting more creator and user activity within its metaverse, Sky Mavis — developers of Axie Infinity — launched the Builders Program earlier this week, promising funding and support by incentivizing creations from development teams.

Together with introducing new experiences, the Builders Program will also introduce new ways of utilizing Axie’s SLP token, and could contribute to helping balance the whole of the Axie metaverse economy. This win-win approach is one that not only users, but contributors have been looking forward to as well, ever since Sky Mavis showed interest in making the Axie Infinity SDK available for creators.

But what experiences are waiting to blast off into Axie Infinity? Sky Mavis asked and the builders came to answer.

Axie Infinity Fighting Game?

It may be hard to wrap one’s head around the concept of an Axie-themed fighting game with Axie’s cute axolotl-based characters, but Argentina-based creator ElwillGamer will beg to differ in his take on an Axie Fighting Game.

Inspired possibly by the hit Super Smash Brothers series from Nintendo, ElwillGamer’s concept pits Axies against each other in multi level platforms, trying to knock each other out.

While still mainly a concept, Sky Mavis and other members of the Axie Infinity team did take notice of ElwillGamer’s project and it was shown briefly during the latest episode of AxieChat.

Race to the moon!

Racing games are fun, but you know what’s more fun than racing games? Battle racing games! This route is what the Axie WarKart developers are taking as they show us a screenshot as well as few details of their planned Axie experience.

Taking inspiration from Nintendo’s Mario Kart and Naughty Dog’s Crash Team Racing, Axie War Kart will not only have Axies racing to the finish line but also take each other on with goofy weaponry and power-ups. 

According to Axie War Kart developers, a closed alpha is already in the works and is coming “ASAP” so we’ll probably have to keep an eye out for invites very soon.

More Axie Battles – MOBAs and Battle Royale!

Competitive play is always at the core of Axie Infinity and some developers look to expand on that using some of the more “tried and tested” methods. Creators like Binoy Aragon and Ogami Conquest both show off their ideas for an Axie Infinity MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game.

MOBA is such a huge video game genre hit, mainly because of its high entertainment value and esports potential, so it’s going to be exciting how an Axie Infinity MOBA can shake things up in Axie’s budding pro scene.

Another take on a MOBA experience is by ConWiro. In their concept, Axies get to wear mecha suits and engage in 3-versus-3 battles with a possible “Battle Royale” mode.

More experiences to come soon?

While these are just some of the concepts and projects that we have found interesting, it is without a doubt that more interesting ideas for experiences in the Axie metaverse will come soon.

Unique takes and inspired spin-offs are all welcome ideas that could help expand the Axie metaverse. 

The Axie Infinity Builder’s Program is still accepting applications and interested developers and creators can head on to the official announcement page to view the qualifications and submit their pitch.