Axie Infinity to make changes to Adventure Mode

Big changes coming to Axie Infinity Adventure Mode?

Sky Mavis cofounders drop hints in latest Axie Developer Talk.

Axie Infinity’s Adventure Mode might undergo major changes once again, Sky Mavis co-founders Psycheout and Jihoz hinted during the recent Axie Infinity Developer talk.

According to Psycheout, Axie Infinity’s Adventure Mode was “never really intended to be a massive part of people’s lives”, and more of a tutorial aspect of the game that provides rewards for players who spend time learning the game’s mechanics. 

However ever since the inception and rise in popularity of Axie Infinity, Adventure Mode has become a key part in its Play to Earn systems with around half of the daily earned SLP by most players, particularly scholars, coming from Adventure Mode.

This comes to the surprise of the developers and founders of Axie Infinity according to Psycheout, as they have “spent a lot of time considering” what approach to take when it comes to Axie Infinity’s Adventure Mode.

Jihoz, elaborates on this by stating that “ultimately, the tokens (SLP) need to be rewarded based on skilled play”. 

In the talk, Jihoz also addresses the huge disparity between the minting and burning volumes of SLP on a daily basis, estimating that only about 40% of the daily earned SLP by Axie Infinity players are being burned, resulting in a big balance issue within the economy.

This challenge has been taken very seriously by the Axie Infinity development team as they try to streamline or further balance SLP earning mechanisms while preparing to deploy future burning and in-game spending mechanisms like Cosmetics and Axie upgrading.

Changes to how SLP is earned, particularly in Adventure mode, are not entirely new in Axie Infinity, with the first major change deployed in the Season 18 update late in 2021. In that update, SLP earned when doing Adventure quests were cut in half, from 100 to just 50 SLP. Additional updates such as removing SLP gains if a player goes below 800 MMR in PVP mode were also deployed.

According to Psycheout, these changes are tied to the upcoming release of the Axie Origins gameplay which will look to introduce more features, not just to the game but also to the whole of the Axie Infinity ecosystem.

As to what these changes are and how it can really affect the Axie Infinity ecosystem in the future, we are yet to know; however we may not have to wait too long for as Psycheout says announcements and updates should be made “in the coming weeks”.