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Axie Infinity Announces Increased RON Utility and Scaling Improvements

They'll go live on March 29!

RON, the governance token for the RONIN blockchain will be receiving some improvements and extra attention in terms of introducing more utility to the token as well as enhancing its scalability. The update is scheduled to roll out on the March 29, 2022.

The Axie Infinity team this weekend via an official tweet has announced some changes that will allow the free gas RPC to not get overwhelmed and RON to have sufficient utility on the Ronin Network.

Starting on March 29th, 2022 at 9am EST, the implementation to reduce the amount of free transactions each account receives will start. The reason for this reduction is that after much analysis and research into how best to provide value without relying too heavily upon RPC free gas system’s limited space – which has been beneficial up until now- came into play; there are simply more benefits than drawbacks with doing so as indicated by Axie Infinity. 

The Ronin Network will rely more heavily on RON in the future as the ecosystem grows in response to free gas RPC’s limited space. Over time, transactions requiring free gas may become overwhelmed and insufficient for that purpose. Axie Infinity are taking these necessary steps now to prepare. 


Here are the changes for the new free transaction system. Below shows the current amount and then what the updated amounts will be:

Ronin Free transactions for owning Axies:


1 normal Axie: 3 txs/day 1 or more normal Axies: 0 txs/month 
1 MEO Axie: 10 txs/day1 or more MEO Axies: 2 txs/month 
1 Origin Axie: 100 txs/day1 or more Origin Axies: 10 txs/month
1 Mystic Axie: 500 txs/day1 or more Mystic Axies: 80 txs/month Ronin


Free transactions for owning Land:


1 Savannah Land: 20 txs/day1 or more Savannah Land: 8 txs/month 
1 Forest Land: 60 txs/day 1 or more Forest Lands: 26 txs/month 
1 Arctic Land: 180 txs/day1 or more Arctic Lands: 72 txs/month
1 Mystic Land: 350 txs/day1 or more Mystic Lands: 160 txs/month


Free Transaction Calculation Mechanism 


Each account will receive a certain number of free transactions per month based on the highest value NFT it has. For example, if an account has 1 Arctic land and 1 Mystic land it gets 160 tx/month rather than 72 + 160 tx/month.

Your total free transactions are based on an average of the Axie assets you owned and the amount of days you owned them in the month. For example, if you only owned a Mystic Axie for one day in a 30 day month then the formula is (1 Mystic Axie * 1 day) / 30 = 0 (decimal is not considered). You would not have any free transactions for the month. In order to receive the free transactions your wallet would need to hold the Mystic Axie for the entire month.

If you run out of free transactions, you will need to create a new account, purchase RON on Katana, and send some of that RON to the original account. Some regions of the world can purchase RON through the Ronin wallet using their credit card.

This announcement comes just ahead of the launch game-changing Axie Infinity’s Origin Update which is expected to arrive in the last week of March. Desktop players will the be the first to experience Origin with mobile following soon afterward


Analysis and Perspective


A lot of sentiments are being thrown here and there, some of the most resounding ones are coming from the managers and scholars. 

With the $RON update coming March 29th, what are guilds going to do if they for example have 100 or 200 scholars? 1000 or 2000 scholars? Have $RON in every single account so they can process the claiming and sending of $SLP?

It seems for the majority of the voices we saw after the tweet was posted, it’ll pave the way for the “richer” to continue earning while the “poor” will have higher fees to pay.

Either way, only time will tell if this was the best decision in lieu of what’s needed for the sustainability of the ecosystem as it  continues to expand and grow.

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