Axie Infinity energy rework cancelled

Axie Infinity calls off controversial energy rework plans

The energy update is no more, as Sky Mavis listens to the community and changes course.

Axie Philippine lead Nix Eniego recently went to the Axie Infinity PH community on Facebook to announce that the planned controversial energy rework for Axie InfinitY has been put on hold indefinitely.

This comes on the heels of multiple heated discussions and a tumultuous reception from the community with the developer, Sky Mavis, during the past week.

Eniego stated emphatically in his post that: WALANG PAGBABAGO na mangyayari sa energy system ngayon or in the foreseeable future.” [“NO CHANGES will happen in the energy system right now or in the foreseeable future.”]

In the past week, United Gamers reported that there has been discussion within the Axie team and the Axie community regarding adjusting the energy provided to accounts depending on the number of Axies that are being held. Several ideas and proposals were developed by Axie Game ProducT Lead Philipp La on how to achieve such a change, but almost all the options were poorly received by the community.

Why was the energy rework controversial?

The energy rework discussion was sparked by the idea of giving additional rewards to users who had additional Axies on their team and to create a better balance with the amount of SLP generated by the game. The idea being: Better balance means a betteR economy for the game.

However, discussion became heated and it raised many concerns as to what it would mean to the existing eConomy of the game and how it will affect users in general. Several of the proposals would have reduced the current base energy of 20 for a minimum of 3 Axies in an account, which understandably upset many users as this would significantly affect the earning capability from Axie.

The concerns raised and general disappointment came after several updates have been implemented in the game including reducing the SLP rewards then removing the rewards from Adventure Mode and the Daily Quests altogether.

This newest announcement has been met with a lot of appreciation from the Philippine Axie community with many thanking Nix and the team, and even one user apologizing for using curse words during the heated debate.

Eniego assured the community that the Axie team was there to continue to listen to them and their concerns over the overall development of the game.

In his statement, he said: “I appreciate all the ideas, suggestions, and even the complaints. I am here to listen to you guys and raise your concerns and ideas to the rest of the team.”

For now the community seems satisfied with the decision and remains optimistic, especially with Axie Infinity Origin release right around the cOrner.


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