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Axie Infinity creates Special Council to defend competitive integrity

It’s tough love, but it’s probably what the competitive scene truly needs.

In an attempt to tackle future competitive issues and help impose a fair playing ground for its users, Sky Mavis has revealed that it will be creating an “ Axie Esports Competitive Integrity Council”. This council will soon help investigate and take a look into various issues and competitive rulings for Axie Infinity. This move follows the recent wave of bans involving multiple top players due to Terms of Service violations during the Season 20 competitive run.

The new competitive council will first be composed of members from the Sky Mavis team, an event organizer and a pro player, with one more member to be elected by the current council members.

The Sky Mavis representatives include Axie program lead Zyori, esports manager Stewart, and support team members Oxaciano and pos2. Bill Elafros, founder of BEAT Esports will represent the esports organizers side while competitive player Indes will be the pro playing member. As for the 7th member, the council will vote on the final 5 choices which include community figureheads, Steve Woody, Xero, Een Mercado, Greg ‘whatisship’ Laird and EduMock.

While the majority of the members come from Sky Mavis, this may not be the case in the future. The development team still plans to push for decentralizing the council through a re-election process which they will detail more in the near future. As of the moment, there are no hints yet as to how the election process would go or if it will involve AXS which is Axie Infinity’s governance token

Axie Esports Competitive Integrity Council’s formation is assumed to be part of the reaction regarding the recent banwave of players and Axie Infinity assets who participated in match fixing. As per statements from the affected players such as xSkyyy, Aremzy, and Axiemptomatic, the supposed match-fixing was a result of them following an ‘unwritten rule’ in a Pro player Discord, in which they are all members of, which states that they have to force draw should they face other members of the said Discord in the queue.

So far the affected players who have released statements admit to their fault and are ready to face the consequences of their actions. The ban punishment included a freeze on their Axie Infintiy assets, including creatures and SLP for up to 999 days while the players themselves can no longer participate in Axie Infinity pro events. They are still able to play the game though, provided that they use new Axie Infinity assets in the meantime and that they don’t violate the game’s ToS again.