Axie Infinity Creator Program

Axie Infinity Creator Program: A tiered approach?

Possible badges, land items, and even Marketplace discounts: No tiers before bedtime?

Axie Infinity Philippines hosted a Twitter Space live broadcast on March 4 to discuss Sky Mavis’ controversial Creator Program. The program was hosted by Nix Eniego, the Philippine Lead Representative for Axie Infinity. He was joined by Axie Infinity Marketing Lead, Quinn Campbell.

In the live broadcast, they talked about the Sky Mavis Creator Program, what’s it all about, what are the benefits of joining, how people can qualify, and when it launches.

The live broadcast included many people from the community including some content creators such as Myrtle Sarossa, a popular gaming streamer and cosplayer, and crypto and NFT news site, Bitpinas.

During the broadcast, Campbell stressed that nothing is set in stone and that they have been in discussion with what will be included in the creator program. He says that they wanted to get the ball rolling by getting feedback from Axie communities and in particular with those from the Philippines. According to Campbell, the whole goal is to talk with all of you guys to see what we think is working and what isn’t and work together to kind of set things in stone over the next couple of weeks and so I think that really is the top priority.”

Accessibility of the Creator Program

During the discussion, one of the issues raised was the accessibility of the creator program. Many in the community believe that making the program accessible to all could be subject to abuse and advocated that only content creators, whether they are streamers or video content creators, who really give value to the game be included. Campbell clarified that while the creator code would become available to all who want to apply, only those who qualify will gain access to the higher-tier benefits.

Campbell said “The only benefit you would get [from the lowest tier, tier 0] is access to the creator code and it’s general open [to everyone], then that means Big Yak Axie Club could apply for the creator code and it means esports organizers could apply for the creator code, it makes it a lot more accessible.” He goes on to say “It’s really Tier 1, where the exclusivity happens. That’s the point where you are really in the Sky Mavis Creator Program. That’s the point where you get the asset packs, get to meet the core team members, and meet the people who are pillars in the community.”

Campbell specified that they are looking at setting up 4 tiers for their creator program with Tier 0, or the entry-level tier allowing access to the content creator code while Tiers 1-3 will be tiers that will give benefits such as virtual assets and exclusive marketing content.

The hope is to have a working model by the time Axie Infinity Origin launches so that content creators may even get exclusive content released ahead of time.

Other benefits discussed included chain badges, exclusive land items, and perhaps even discounts in the marketplace.

And speaking of the marketplace, there was a lot of discussion regarding the marketplace fee increase as part of funding the creator program. There were several arguments made on whether the 1% should be taken out of the 4.25% current marketplace fees or if it’s okay to tack on the 1% on top of the 4.25%. Sadly, there was no consensus on the 1% marketplace fee so the Axie team will have to look into this further. 

When asked why Axie Infinity is only now starting a creator program, Campbell said that they recognize that this was something they should have done in the past and that’s why they are pushing to get this done as soon as they can. He mentions they have been in talks for several months on how to launch it and even had dialogue with the people in charge of Fortnite, Epic Games, on how to roll it out.

He admits that it has taken time since a content creator program has never been done for Web 3 applications and so they are also looking to the community to get their feedback before rolling out potentially huge and controversial changes that will affect the game in its entirety.

Overall, there was a lot of optimism as to the direction of the Sky Mavis content creator program from both the Axie team and the community. Campbell says they hope to launch the program by the time Axie Infinity Origin launches or in the days after even if it’s a beta program and hopes that many content creators and people in the gaming space will be involved.