Axie Infinity Energy Adjustment

Axie Infinity’s planned energy adjustment raises concerns

Players, scholars and managers are questioning ongoing updates to Axie gameplay and earning potential.

In an effort to balance the game and create an Axie Infinity reward system that’s sustainable, Philip La announced there have been discussions regarding an energy adjustment in Axie. La, who is the game lead for Axie Infinity, has been in discussion with community members as to what that would look like before they finalize and roll out the new system.

La said that they would like to experiment with updating it but (we are) looking to get feedback on ideas first.The primary goal for the changes would be to reward Axie holders more proportionately which could theoretically be helpful for the economy of the game.

In a tweet, he says Players hold more Axies → Increase in Axie demand → Axie value goes up → More reward for breeding → SLP burn increases.

Several proposals are currently on the table seen below:

axie infinity energy adjustment

How does the proposed energy adjustment affect players?

The planned energy adjustment comes after a long list of updates and changes made in the game system which have, for the most part, adversely affected many players invested in the game.

This has included halving and ultimately removing the SLP rewards in Adventure Mode and in the daily quests. While these changes were made in an attempt to balance the game and give more rewards to players with more Axies in their account, this can radically reduce the SLP amount that players are rewarded with, especially players who have low MMRs.

The change in energy could potentially demoralize the remaining community especially if it is lowered from the current baseline of 20 energy. The feedback from the community on Twitter and on Facebook has largely been negative, especially from users with less than 20 baseline energy. Axie players have also made it know that they think that a burning mechanism would be better suited to balance the economy instead of energy adjustments.

Former PDAX AVP for Marketing and Current Philippine Lead for Axie Infinity has reached out to the community stating that he brought the feedback of the Philippine community to the Axie team and specifically to Philip La.

In a Facebook post on the official Axie Infinity Philippines community, Nix Eniego said, “Madaming hindi natuwa, and understandable naman. Tulad ng sabi ko sainyo, dinala ko yung feedback nyo sa team, specifically kay Philip. Magkausap kami and may bagong idea na gusto namin i-share muna sainyo para makakuha ng karagdagang feedback.”

[“Many were unhappy and that’s understandable. Like I said to you guys, I brought the feedback to the team and specifically to Philip. We’re talking now and we have a new idea we would like to share first with the community so we can get new feedback.”]

He then shared a new energy matrix that the Axie team is proposing and then asked the community for honest feedback.


Understandably, many in the community were still upset even with the new proposal and believe that the standard baseline should be at 20 and shouldn’t be changed at the very least.

One community member, Acuna Fernan says “Kawawa naman mga scholar at beginner kung pati energy mababawasan. Di bale po sana kung may [daily quest] at [adventure] pa eh at saka di naman biro ang pagbili ng axie.” [It will be a pity for scholars and beginners if even energy will be reduced. It wouldn’t be as bad if daily quests and adventure are still there. Not to mention it’s not a joke to purchase Axies for your team.]

Nix Eniego, however, has tried to assure the community that they haven’t  made a final decision on the energy rework and that everything is still in clux. On Facebook, he said, “Madami pa pwede magbago, kaya pinaguusapan natin para mahanap yung BEST solution.”

[“There are still many things that can change, that’s why we’re discussing it now so we can find the best solution.”

United Gamers Analysis and Perspective

As expected, many Axie players in the community have been very concerned by the news on the energy rework. In the past few months, the game has seen a series of changes and updates that have affected the amount of SLP users can get in the game. This has caused many frustrations and disappointment with the game with many deciding to leave, sell their Axies, and cut their losses. 

It’s clear for the majority of the Axie community that touching the baseline energy 20 and reducing it is a bad idea. The reduction of energy below 20 could be seen as a move that will make players feel that the developers aren’t listening to the community and could push many players (including managers) to quit the game entirely.

It seems for the majority, the baseline of 20 energy should be kept and then add energy based on the number of Axies held beyond that 20 is the point of discussion now. It is still unclear what the Axie team will decide as nothing is set in stone as of yet but many are hopeful that the team will make changes that will incentivize players to keep patronizing the game rather than push them away. 


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