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Axie Infinity incentivizes making your own community gathering

They've 133 submissions on the first day!

The Axie Infinity team recently launched Axie IRL, a project that provides grants to community members who are looking to host face-to-face community meetups in real life (IRL). The team reported on Twitter that they received 133 submissions already on the first day of the soft launch. 



Axie IRL is a community engagement project that will give away grants to prospective hosts looking to host a community meetup for Axie Infinity. One of the strongest aspects of Axie Infinity is indeed the community as they have had a hand in propelling the game to its current state today and the Axie team knows this. They believe in the power of the community and meeting up physically and scaling up these events ensure the continued growth of the community and the game as well. 

This is where Axie IRL comes in. The idea is to help support those local meetups in the community to encourage people to get to know each other and to introduce new players to Axie Infinity and the Web 3 ecosystem. 

The Axie team was quite happy to announce that just on the first day since the soft launch last April 30, there have now been 133 submissions already to apply for Axie IRL. This does seem to indicate general interest in letting the community thrive and that there is still confidence within the game.

If you are an Axie Infinity player and community member, you can submit an application to host your own meetup. There are some requirements for you to be eligible including being an active part of the community for at least three months. You must be an outstanding member of the community as well, meaning that you don’t have any bans, sanctions or have been reported for bad behavior in the community. 

Community Meetup Organizers or Hosts will also need to meet some requirements for the game including meeting safety standards against COVID-19, professional photos and videos for social media purposes, and they must adhere to the general code of conduct of Axie Infinity. 

Those who do qualify for Axie IRL grants will be eligible for full coverage and support for the event (dependent on scale of the event and quality of proposal), up to $500 worth of Axie giveaways including Land, as well as a Sky Mavis team joining the meetup.

Axie Infinity Origin is currently the latest version of Axie Infinity that was just launched last April 7.