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More Axie Infinity Land Staking Details Released

Finally make use of your land today

The Axie Infinity Team has finally released new details for Axie Land and the process of Land Staking. Land Staking allows land owners to put your Land into a pool so that you can earn AXS in the process.

Axie Land or Lunacia is a blockchain game that is part of the Axie Infinity ecosystem that allows players to develop their land by using Axies to gather resources, produce items and build structures all with the goal of earning rewards.

As of the moment, Axie Land has been lacking in functionality despite having been launched several years ago. Axie Land has been taking a huge amount of criticism since that there haven’t been a lot of updates to it.

As part of there renewed focus to improve the state of Axie land, the development team have decided to allow Land Staking to give Lunacians (the name given to landowners) an opportunity to earn from their investments in the form of AXS. The development team has stated that they have a huge vision for Land and are hoping to reward players while they patiently wait for new updates.

The team has worked on both the back end and front of the Land Staking. Design has been worked on and developed to give players a smooth and seamless user experience. Smart contracts are also being developed in collaboration with community member and world-class contract developer Owl.

The team has also allocated 337,5000 AXS for Land Stakers to earn each month. Land staked will be given daily rewards depending on the kind of plot they have. Savannah plots produce the least amount of AXS per day staked while Genesis plots produce the highest AXS per day staked.

The complete emission structure of Axie Land can be found in the table below:


axie land staking


As part of the longer term vision of Axie Infinity, they want to reward players and community members who contribute to the overall growth of the community and the game. This includes bringing in new players, creating tools for the game, creating content, and helping in enhancing experience of players. The development team stated they “want those who contribute their time and effort to the community to own AXS, as we want those who contribute to be rewarded and have influence over future Community Treasury decisions.”

One thing the team stated that Land Staking is a temporary measure. Once gameplay for Land released that can support token rewards, they will then transition away from staking to providing rewards for being active in gameplay.