Axie Infinity mobile marketplace fee

Axie Infinity to update Marketplace fee very soon

Creators stand to gain as Sky Mavis plans to increase payouts for Creator Code contributors.

The Axie Marketplace fee will be increased to 5.25% starting March 7th. This adjustment is to accommodate the new Axie Creator Codes and give its community content creators a small share of the revenue of all marketplace volume that they drive.

With the Axie Creator Code a portion of the revenues with creator code transactions will be split to the creator associated with the code and the Community Treasury, the Community Treasury will receive 4.25% while 1% percent is shared with the creator. This ensures creators are compensated for their hard work in creating something of value and contributing to the community.

This new initiative is designed to help creators, which Axie Infinity co-founder Jihoz calls the “pillar of their community” in a series of tweets explaining the change. Jihoz says that the Axie Creator Codes offer a new and better way for creators to “capture value” from the growth that they contribute to Axie Infinity, instead of the alternatives of buying their own stake or promoting other projects.

Jihoz also stated that initially, they had felt that using the Community Treasury, the shared pool of funds at the heart of Axie’s economy that belongs to all AXS holders, to fund the initiative did not feel right. Jihoz felt like decisions of this caliber concerning community funding should be voted on by its members but since no voting functionality existed, no voting took place and Jihox  carried on with the plan anyway.

Jihoz also explained that Sky Mavis could have paid for it out of pocket but that would not have been sustainable in the long term. Jihoz later maintained that they’d be observing how this change pans out and will adjust if necessary.

United Gamers Analysis and Perspective

The community has been a major factor in the success of Axie, with many people taking on leaderboards and contributing their time. This move is intended to show thanks by giving more power back and rewarding its community leaders and content creators.

This is intended to benefit everyone within this ecosystem as it provides opportunities not just now but down road too as they envision a bigger more inclusive space for creators and consumers alike.

By creating a Creator Code, they are giving creators the opportunity to supercharge their work around spreading Axie Infinity and onboarding new players. This will also reward creators who refer new players into the game, without having any negative impact on how much money flows into the Community Treasury.

Additional notes from the editor, Raffy Leynes:

While acknowledging the importance of its community leaders and rewarding them is a good gesture it’s a little odd to just go ahead with making a huge move like this seemingly at the expense of the rest of the community. I think that if the infrastructure doesn’t exist yet to do things  the right way (i.e. voting on community) it shouldn’t be done at all.

While Jihoz did eventually end up showing that the move was sustainable, it’s certainly worth noting that Sky Mavis will move on a decision that doesn’t  ‘feel right’ if certain conditions are met.

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