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Axie Infinity Origin new card effects explained

Here's a one stop shop for all the new changes and additions!

Axie Infinity Origin is almost here and on the road to its release, information has been revealed left and right regarding how the new mechanics work for this major update. One of the most awaited and perhaps most crucial information that players are looking forward to are of the new card effects, how they work and how they can affect the new metagame.

Together with the previous teasers for new cards, also came the introductions of new effects and abilities for Axie Infinity Origin. While some of these effects are similar or the same with what the current version of Axie Infinity already has. New cards – horn, tail, back, mouth, eyes, and ears, and as well as the runes and charms all introduce new effects such as Banish, Scry, Daze, Goo,  and more although we have not been quite sure what they do when they were initially revealed. Thankfully though, through the power of the community digging around, we have a handy-dandy glossary as to what the new effects will bring in Axie Infinity’s Origin gameplay.

These definitions are collected thanks to the efforts of Reddit user Lenz401 who went as far as putting up an online sheet listing all the different effects. Take not though that the actual effects in-game might still be different, but don’t worry, with Origin launching in just a few hours, we’ll be able to confirm all if not most of them very soon.


New Effects and Effect Triggers


NameEffect Description
InitialThe first card played in a turn
BanishRemove the card from your deck until the end of the battle
ScryLook at the top cards of your draw pile, discard any of them
InnateStart each battle with this card in your hand.
CleanRemove debuffs from target
DispelRemove 1 buff from the target.
StealDeal pure damage and gain HP
RetainDo not discard this card at the end of your turn




NameEffect Description
WeakTarget deals 20% less attack damage
BleedAffected Axie loses 15 HP when playing a card
FearWhenever the affected Axie uses an Attack Card, include a Confuse card into its draw pile
Death MarkTarget takes 13 damage per Energy Spent whenever they play an Attack Card
HexWhenever the affected Axie uses a non Attack Card, include a Confuse card into its draw pile
FragileTarget gains 20% less Shield from abilities
PoisonAffected Axie loses 3 HP per stack at the start of its turn.
SleepAffected Axie cannot use Abilities. Sleep effect is removed if affected Axie is attacked.
DisarmTarget cannot use Attack Abilities
DoubtTarget gains 20% less HP from healing 
StunnedTarget cannot use any Abilities
VulnerableAffected Axie receives 20% more attack damage.




NameEffect Description
TauntThe target is always targeted by enemy attack abilities for the duration of the buff
BubbleBlock 5 damage per stack of Bubble
Bubble BombThe next attack explodes the Bubble Bomb and deals 20 damage to all enemies. Bubble Bomb takes in effect after reaching 3 stacks of Bubble
RageAxie gains additional 2 damage per stack of Rage.
FuryGain 1 energy, and deal double damage until the end of the turn. Fury is activated after reaching 10 stacks of Rage
DMG BoostIncrease attack damage by 1 per stack
Healing BoostIncrease healing effects to buffed unit by 1 HP per stack
CleanserEach stack negates 1 debuff applied to target Axie
FeatherWhen an Axie does a non-multi hit attack, consume all Feather stacks to deal 2 bonus damage per stack and heal 2 HP per stack
StealthAxie with Stealth buff cannot be attacked directly, Stealth will be removed if the Axie uses a card
MeditateEnter meditate state for 2 turns. If attacked during Meditate, Axie gains 3 Rage, if not Axie will cleanse 1 debuff and gain 1 energy after the Meditate effect ends.




NameEffect Description
JinxAt the end of your turn, your furthest Axie takes 15 damage
VoidLose 1 energy when you draw 1 or more Void cards
BurnAt the end of your turn, all ally Axies take 8 damage
BlackmailApply taunt to your furthest Axie for 2 turns.


Tool Cards


NameEffect Description
LumbershieldGain a 12 point shielf
StrawberryHeal an ally for 60 HP
Pure WaterHeal for 6 HP




NameEffect Description
CloverPlant type summon, 35 HP
TrunkPlant type summon, 75 HP and has Taunt
RobinBird type summon, 18 HP,  teammates deal 16 more damage. Robin loses 8 HP when your turn ends.
MavisBird type summon, 18 HP, when your turn starts, Mavis reduces 1 energy of a random attack card. Mavis loses 8 HP at the end of your turn
MushroomPlant type summon, 18 HP, Mushroom restores 24 HP to your most injured ally once your turn ends and loses 8 HP.