Axie Infinity Origin Practice Mode

Yes, Axie Infinity Origin will have a practice mode

Finally, you can lose without consequences!

Axie Infinity’s Practice mode has been officially confirmed  and will be coming to the game via  the Axie Infinity Origin update slated to launch later this month. The new mode will allow players to experiment and try out different builds without fear of losing precious MMR.

As detailed by Sky Mavis Philippine lead Nixtape, Axie Infinity’s Origin update will include a Practice mode to allow players to test out their lineups without the risk of losing MMR should they lose. The practice mode will also not consume energy so players who really are bent on improving their gameplay can use as much as they want.

The Practice mode also accommodates both PVP (Player-Versus-Player) or PVE (Player-Versus-Environment) options meaning that if they so choose, players can actually play against each other in real time. Getting into practice mode works similar to going into a queue where users will be paired with random opponents rather than playing with friends in a pre-set lobby. This makes sure that the opponents and their lineups are at random and that practice will provide a near-real world PVP scenario but without the consequences. If ever that there are no players available though, users who go into practice mode will instead face an AI or computer controlled opponent with a random lineup.

The practice mode is one of the tools that many players are said to have been looking forward to in Axie Infinity according to Sky Mavis’ team members. Currently, the only “practice” mode available for players is the Adventure mode, however that mode still consumes energy and, after numerous updates, does not offer any reward. The setup such as damage values and hit points in Adventure also differ greatly so the experience can be very different once you get into PVP in the battle arena.

The much awaited Axie Infinity Origin update will introduce Practice mode and other major gameplay changes to Axie Infinity and as well as some much awaited spending and burning mechanisms to improve and stabilize the game economy and the value of SLP.