Axie Infinity Origin update to help boost value of SLP

Time to craft!

A great reset is coming to Axie Infinity Origin’s marketplace. The major update is finally letting players to trade runes and charms providing the long awaited utility for SLP.

Part of the Phase 3 changes, the new update to the hit NFT turn-based title will let players trade runes and charms in the game’s marketplace. The new update will also add performance optimization and stability for a more seamless trading experience. Axie Infinity Origin’s runes and charms will follow the ERC 1155 standard and will still run on Ethereum. Together with trading, the Phase 3 update will also allow players to finally craft runes and charms to boost their Axies in Origin.

As the update affects the marketplace, Axie Infinty Origin users might find their marketplace listings removed. Not to worry though as this is standard procedure and users can just relist their marketplace offerings. Part of the benefits of the delist is to also purge the marketplace of ‘blackholes’. These are listings from users who may no longer have access to their Axie Infinity accounts or have left the ecosystem. In addition to the market de-list and re-list, Axie Infinity Origin will also now employ a 6-month expiration rule for marketplace listings.

More utility for SLP

Axie Infinity Origin’s Phase 3 changes will also finally add more utility to Smooth Love Potion (SLP). Crafting of runes and charm require SLP and a new resource called Moonshards. Runes and charms provide added benefits for Axies in Origin helping diversify gameplay. This means that lineups are not just limited by Axie types or what cards they use. Additional benefits not just to damage but also status effects, and defense now add an extra layer of gameplay mechanic. Additionally runes and charms reset every season allowing for an loop that will have players regularly crafting these items. This helpsmake the Axie Infinity economy more predictable and at the same time boost and balance the value SLP.