axie origin launch plans

Axie Infinity Origin will launch on desktop first

The Initial Launch Will Be Done in Phases and Will Be Driven by Community Feedback

Axie Infinity took to Twitter earlier this morning to announce updates for the upcoming soft launch plans of Axie Infinity: Origin. Sky Mavis has posted several teasers and updates over the past couple of weeks, so expectations are running high for the game. The team decided to post updates to set expectations for what is in store with the launch.



In the twitter thread, Sky Mavis, the developer for Axie Infinity, announced that they plan on doing the soft launch of Axie Origin in phases. This is to ensure that transition for both the players and devs will run smoothly allowing for easy adjustments to any concerns that may come up along the way.

The initial launch of the game will first appear on the desktop version via the Sky Mavis Hub with the mobile launch to happen at a later phase. This is to ensure all systems are up and ready to go before bringing in the mobile players.

The purpose of the initial desktop release is for testing and gathering feedback from the community. They will also be testing the scalability of the servers to get ready for an influx of players. This initial phase will also allows the community to adjust to the new game mechanics and get used to them.

The next step in the launch will be android mobile users. Sky Mavis will also be launching for mobile devices separately to ensure that their servers have the capacity to handle the increased load of players . iOS mobile users will get access to the game much later once the android usage has stabilized.

A whole new card game

The initial launch will not yet see SLP rewards, NFT charms and runes, and seasons just yet as they want the community to learn the game first and get feedback from them to ensure a good balance in the game. They will use this time to make tweaks and updates to the game before they list the game on Android and iOS app stores.

Part of the soft launch for Axie Infinity: Origin will also include PVE story modes, training modes, and a ranked mode as they roll out the game in the coming months. The game is also looking to introduce features such as cosmetics, upgraded parts, PVP seasons and tournaments, and what they describe as a rogue-like game mode.

The Axie Infinity team says they are taking their time to launch the game in phases so that they don’t overload the system and so that they can get proper feedback from the community. They believe that the game is a community-driven ecosystem and so they look forward to improving Origin based on the player experience.

Axie Infinity is currently the largest blockchain-enabled game reaching as much as $3.5 million NFT transactions in 2021. Axie Infinity: Origin is the newest edition of the game which is set to release by the end of the month.