Axie Infinity prepares massive in-game event for Q4 2022

Are you ready?

Axie Infinity proves that they are continuously building despite the state of the market as info about an upcoming event spreads online. Coming later this year, the list of activities will add more play-and-earn opportunities for players, including themed events and other rewards.

Right now the Axie Infinity team is in Barcelona, Spain for AxieCon, their first ever massive community gathering and convention. This despite a huge percentage of the playerbase being located in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines which still accounts for about 40% of active players. During the course of the event numerous panels and announcements were made by the SkyMavis team including one for a massive in-game event coming later this 2022.

According to the slides being shared online, the in-game event or events will have breeding events and will have different missions and contest that players can complete for rewards. A couple of examples of the said missions include breeding Axies of a specific type or winning against a specific Axie class in PVP Completing missions will reward players with points which will be used to unlock milestone rewards. The rewards can be in form of SLP or Smooth Love Potion, Axie Infinity’s main utility token or additional in-game resources used for crafting.

A leaderboard feature will also be a part of the upcoming events allowing players to earn more rewards on top of their milestone items. This system feels greatly similar to the battle pass system now implemented in many games, particularly online ones, with a common example being Dota 2’s Battle Pass system for TI. Battle Pass features are an integral part of the “games as a service” model in online games which allows developers to both monetize content and reward players for continuously playing a game post-release.

Releasing events similar to the Lunar New Year event held early this year are also mentioned in the presentation as well as contests themed around the different Axie Infinity classes.