Axie Infinity bug resolved

Axie Infinity resolves bug that yeeted players from match

Japanese Axie exploit helped one user to unwarranted MMR.

Trouble in Axie Infinity today, as multiple members took to Twitter to report encountering a new bug that made them lose MMR… even without getting into an actual match.

The concerns were raised and gained traction Wednesday, with Sky Mavis quickly giving it attention and investigating the matter.

According to Axie content creator Spamandrice, the exploit involved the use of Axie teams that or Axies that have Japanese parts, and worked by kicking you out of the game while loading for a match while affecting your MMR.

Spamandrice stated that it occurred to him three times over the span of almost an hour, facing the same team, and getting the same nasty results.

Spamandrice also went and checked the team’s progress using their Ronin address, and found that they had gone from 1600 MMR to 3200 MMR in a span of 2 days.

While at a glance it may have just been an isolated case, Spamandrice didn’t seem to be alone in identifying the problem, as other Axie Infinity players on Twitter posted their own reports as well. User xSkyyy reports a similar issue, in a reply to Spamandrice’s original post, as well as user AndreesVE who even posted an accompanying video showing how the exploit was supposed to work.

Sky Mavis was quick to notice the reports though: In the Axie Infinity Twitter account, the team confirmed that there was a bug abuse being done by some players; however, the post did not explicitly state if it was the Japanese Axie bug.

The Sky Mavis team also added that the abuse is distinct and that they are able to detect it, and has now deployed an update that would prevent the bug from being used again.

As for those who exploited the bug, Sky Mavis will be looking into the matter over the next few days, and will decide if it warrants a ban or any other form of punishment for those who were involved.