axie season 21

Axie Infinity Season 21 back on track after almost being canceled

Battles v2 is here to stay…for now

Over the weekend, it seemed as if the next season, Season 21, for the hit play-to-earn game Axie Infinity was about to be scrapped. Developer Sky Mavis was contemplating the move, in favor of devoting resources to its newly released off-shoot/stand-alone expansion Axie Infinity Origins. However, as the reception to the planned scrapping grew increasingly negative, Sky Mavis reversed the decision. It seems that the Axie players will not be saying goodbye to ‘classic’ Axie Infinity just yet as they try to top the leaderboards once again while waiting for Origin’s full release.

Axie Season 21
Screenshot from Axie Infinity Discord


As announced earlier in official Axie Infinity social media channels and as well as on Discord the Season 21 of Axie Infinity Arena is a go, although in contrast to previous seasons, no balance changes will be implemented in what seems to be battles v2’s last hurrah. This means that no card, or even Axie class will have any changes be it a buff or a nerf and the metagame will most likely stay the same as season 20.

The decision follows the team, Sky Mavis, “commitment to having season 21” as players are “planning on one last chance to take home the season crown”. Sky Mavis also adds that despite season 21 pushing through this will not affect the team’s effort in working on Origin which is currently undergoing its alpha test phase. The Sky Mavis team states that by then, they would be closer to “establishing the competitive pillars for Origin” and aim to start its first competitive season. Axie Infinity sports a ton of changes to the arena mode in the Origin update and with the alpha test currently on free to play, now is really the best time to explore what is changed and what is retained in the major update. Season 21 of Axie Infinity battles v2 will start this April 25 and will run until June 24.

The announcement comes at a hectic back and forth over the weekend on twitter with Axie Product Lead Philip La, bringing up the idea to “axe” Season 21 of Axie V2 or Axie Infinity Classic. He stated that the reason was to shift Sky Mavis’ focus on improving Axie Infinity Origin. Early feedback seemed strongly towards scrapping the Season but it quickly turned when more community members voiced concerns over the move. When the smoke cleared, Axie Season 21 was back on track by early Monday morning.

With no changes coming to season 21 it is highly expected that the metagame to remain the same with lineups such as AAP, AAB, BBP, God Reptiles and Jumping Poisons dominating the leaderboard. This does spark some concern with several Axie Infinity players as this also means that we may be seeing the same names on the top ranks once the season wraps up.  Season 20 crowned former Dota 2 pro 1437 as its top player, ending the season with an MMR of 3754 and taking home 158 AXS (USD 7258.52 as of press time) in rewards.