Axie Infinity’s first land mini-game is now ready to play

Hear, hear! Axie Raylights is here!

Land gameplay is finally here for Axie Infinity, or almost here rather with Axie Raylights. The new mini-game based on Axie’s land mechanic is a more casual experience focusing on land cultivation, decoration and discovery.

Launched early last week, Axie Raylights is available to all Axie Infinity land holders. Lands is the next major gameplay element that many Axie Infinity players have been looking forward to. Axie Infinity’s lands offer the expansion of its metaverse as well as introducing new materials and elements into the gameplay loop, from resource gathering to social mechanics.

In Axie Raylights, players will get to start cultivating and decorating their lands. The game is set at the “dawn of axie civilization on Lunacia” and takes place within the NFT land plots. The core loop is simple – plant plants, fertilize them with minerals and unlock more varieties of plants or flowers and start decorating. Axie Raylights is more of an aesthetic game so players should not expect any play-to-earn element out of it just yet. Despite being a mini-game, Raylights also come with achievements and unlockable rewards and a competitive side as well.

In their announcement post, Axie Infinity says that “Adding Raylights to the axie universe is crucial as we seek to create an IP that attracts all types of gamers“.  This is on top of their previous Builders Program which encouraged developers to create their own Axie experiences. With Raylight, the Axie Infinity team will look to really kickstart the expansion of the Axie IP. As they describe it “This is a major step as we build Axie to be the premier Web3 Brand & IP, backed by a community of missionaries and infinite experiences.

Axie Raylights is now ready to play via the Axie Infinity website. Note that the game is only available to land holders and connecting the Ronin wallet for verification is necessary.