axie origin

Axie Origin trailer released

Boss battles! New Art Style! and Starter Axies!

The first official gameplay trailer for Axie Origin is out! It features all sorts of action-packed moments and gives us an idea on what we can expect when it’s released this coming April 7. Check out the gameplay video and how it showcased all of the upgraded Axie art and animations, as well as the  gameplay changes including sequential turns, energy resets, card changes, not to mention Eye & Ear cards, Runes or Charms; it even has a new rage mechanic we haven’t seen before and more goodies!

The trailer showed off the various gameplay additions and features that will be coming to the upcoming Axie Infinity Origins update. It showed off the three starter Axies available for players: Olek, Buba, and Puffy ala similar in vein to Pokemon. The trailer also showed off the new updated graphical style that makes everything from the menus and the battles look fresher, more vibrant and more dynamic.  One of the highlights of the trailer are the interesting new boss monsters that players can encounter in the single player mode!

For the next coming days, Sky Mavis will be getting the help of  special guests joining in the introduction of the new features such as Rune & Charms from several classes and host various social media contests such as the Custom Origin Card activity, Acro Beast Lore Writing Contest and Cosplay Contest. Expect to see what exciting things that community member content creators Ryan | MT8 , Chuck Fresco , Brycent Zio Kmanu Rojan Axie Tech Myrtle Kookoo and of course Axiecapture will be unveiling.

There will also be an Origin Preview Stream coming Saturday, April 2, 2022 which will give us a bigger sneak peek into Axie Infinity Origin before the Alpha launch.

The Alpha client version will launch on April 7 and be available for desktop players first and can be downloaded on the Sky Mavis hub.