axie origin arena changes

Axie Origin Update reworks Arena Matching and Rankings

This is the second update since launch

The Axie team has announced a new set of updates for Axie Infinity Origin that is set to fix bugs and rework some game mechanics in the Arena mode to address some issues that will help in balancing the game. The update is live right now.

Axie Infinity Origin is the latest iteration of the wildly popular play-to-earn blockchain NFT game Axie Infinity. The first version of the game launched back in 2018 with it hitting mainstream popularity last year due to its potential for players to earn an alternative source of income during the pandemic lockdown. Origin, which launched just April 7, is slowly gaining momentum as more and more players are getting into it.

Last week Axie Infinity Origin had its first major update which nerfed many of the cards, runes, charms, and status effects. According to the development team, this was part of their process of balancing the game to allow for a more fair and equitable system of gameplay. 

In this new update, several changes were made in the PVP mode or Arena. First of all, some bots were removed from the higher ranks of Arena, specifically from Boar rank up. This also prompted the team to rework and tweak the algorithm that is used to match players against one another. 

This update also changed the amount of Victory Stars earned per battle and what is needed to rank up. Unlike before where 2 victory stars are awarded each win regardless of rank, this will now only apply for Egg to Hare ranks. If you have Boar or higher rank, you only get 1 Victory Star per win. Losses still incur 1 Victory Star loss each for all ranks. Apart from this, the amount of Victory stars needed to go to the next tier has been adjusted as well. 

In line with these changes, the development team has decided to reset the leaderboards as well. This means everyone will be starting back at the Egg IV tier.

Apart from the Arena changes, there were some improvements and bug fixes included in this update. These improvements and bug fixes affected Leaf effects, Calcium Armor Runes, Burn and Scorch effects as well as Larva cards. Minor tweaks were made to change their effects.

The Axie Origin Arena rework and update is now live. This is the second major update to Axie Infinity Origin since its launch earlier this month