axie runes and charms

Axie Origins Runes and Charms Cards finally revealed

Charming aren’t they?

The countdown to Axie Infinity Origin continues and as we are just days away from experiencing the new Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis tries to up the excitement by finally releasing even more info regarding the new Runes and Charms system.

Mentioned  back in February 2022, Runes and charms add a new layer of gameplay mechanic to Axie Infinity Origin by providing passive effects in addition to the cards or parts, during a match. Runes and charms would also be what we assume is the first in-game mechanic to utilize Smooth Love Potion (SLP) other than breeding which means that a burn and spend mechanic is definitely going to be in Axie Infinity Origin.

Runes and charms also reset after each season providing not just a fresh take on the gameplay loop but also on the spending loop, which theoretically will help balance out the value of SLP in the long run.

Each Axie can equip one Rune, while Charms are applicable to each of the parts of an Axie meaning that you can have 6 at a time. There are no class limitations to Runes, as per the ones that are revealed anyway, but there seems to be a rarity category – Rare, Epic and Mystic Just like the new cards, Charms and Runes come with unique special effects that provide buffs and new skill interactions for your Axie.

Buffs from the Axie Origin Runes and Charms can have basic ability add-ons such as the Charm of Endurance, Charm of Power, Charm of Vitality and Charm of Faith, all of which just provide a boost in certain stats, to more interesting effects like the Shady Exchange rune which adds 1 energy on even numbered terms, and also adds a Daze, Good and Void cards to your  deck.

Given the new summon or token creature mechanic that is added on certain back, mouth, tail, horn, eyes and ears cards for various Axies, there is also a neutral rune that interacts well with that ability called the Mini Legion. The Mini Legion rune adds not just extra health points to summoned units but also deals extra damage to enemies depending on the number of summons.

Axei Infinity Origin will have its Alpha launch this coming April 7, 2022. The Alpha launch is intended to gather player feedback while waiting for the full launch happening much later, and will be accessible to desktop players on the Sky Mavis hub. Aside from runes, charms and new cards, other big things and updates  are also coming to Axie Infinity Origin and even a possible full transition with the current version of Axie Infinity, Battles v2 to be possibly phased out.


Mystic Neutral Charms


Energy Drink M
Energy Drink mPoints Cost5
Effect(Enhance any card) Add Banish.Card’s base stat +20%


Scotch Tape
scotch tapePoints Cost5
Effect(Enhance any card)

Add retain.


Pre Order Tag
pre orderPoints Cost5
Effect(Enhance any card)

Add Innate


Rocket Stamp
rocket stampPoints Cost5
Effect(Enhance single target attack cards)

This card can target any enemy.


Discount Coupon
discount couponPoints Cost5
Effect(Enhance any card)
-1 energy cost.Cards base stat -40%


Neutral Runes


Mini Legion
mini legionPoints Cost
EffectSummoned units have +10 max HP. Deal +2DMG per summon to all enemies at the start of your turn.


Thick Shield
thick shieldPoints Cost
EffectGain 10 bonus shield from cards.


Leftover Potion
leftover portionPoints Cost
EffectRecover 4% max HP at the end of your turn.


Pure Instinct
pure instinctPoints Cost
EffectAll cards gain 15% class bonus.


Shady Exchange
shady exchangePoints Cost5
EffectSolo. +1 energy on even numbered turns. Add 1 Daze, 1 Goo, and 1 Void to your deck.


Rare and Epic Neutral Charms


Charm of Endurance III
charm of endurancePoints Cost3
Effect(Enhance shielding cards)

Shield stat +7


Charm of Power III
charm of power Points Cost3
Effect(Enhance non-multi hit attack) ATK +7


Charm of Vitality III
charm of VitalityPoints Cost3
Effect(Enhance any card) 

Axie’s max HP +25


Charm of Faith III
charm of faithPoints Cost3
Effect(Enhance healing cards)

Heal stat +7


Sun Stamp
sun stampPoints Cost5
Effect(Enhance single target attack cards)

This card targets the furthest enemy