Axie chases down bug exploiters

Axie chases down, punishes bug exploiters

Although offending accounts aren't being banned, 124 accounts are getting hit with a penalty.

Last week, a bug was discovered by the Axie Infinity community which caused players to fail to load in the game client which caused teams to automatically lose the game with a surrendered status.

It wreaked havoc on the game causing some players to lose significant MMR as they queued up for matches. The bug has since then been squashed and an investigation was launched over the weekend into it.

In a tweet earlier today, the Sky Mavis has since patched up that mistake so that the bug could no longer be used and abused by other players. Additionally, the team discovered that there were a total of 124 accounts that had used this bug to their advantage maliciously and unfairly gaining free wins and MMR over other players.

The Axie Infinity team proceeded to act against the offending accounts by reverting their respective MMRs to 1200 MMR as a penalty to ensure continued balance in the game. No bans were implemented and no reparation was given to the opponents of the offending accounts who were victimized by the exploit.

The Axie Infinity team discovered the exploit late last week when complaints of a glitch in match making bubbled up from the community resulting in MMR loss. The team then determined that bugged Axies were the cause of the problem and that some players maliciously used them as to get free wins and the rewards the come with them. The rendered their opponents unable to load in the Arena battle and  due to this, the opponent would automatically surrender and give the player an easy win. 

There have been no further reports of this bug appearing since the patch was set up last week.

Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game employing blockchain technology where players can have teams of three Axies to battle other players for supremacy. The newest update of the game, Axie Infinity Origin, which reworks a vast amount of its features  is due to be released in the later part of Q1 2022.