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Axie to reward players who educate others about Origin update

1,000 AXS in Prizes for the winners

Over the weekend, Axie Infinity developer Sky Mavis announced their challenge to the Axie community called the Origin Education Challenge. In the challenge, Sky Mavis states that they want to encourage community members to educate others by designing and creating educational materials such as videos and infographics for Axie Infinity Origin. These materials will be used as a way to teach and educate players who want to know more about the recent origin update and address any questions they might have about the game.

Axie Infinity Origin is the latest version of the Axie Infinity game that was released back in 2018. Axie Infinity allows players to control NFT creatures called Axies and battle them with other players for rewards like SLP and AXS tokens which can be converted to real-world cash. Axie Infinity Origin just launched last April 7, 2022, is in early access, and currently is in free-to-play mode so rewards are currently disabled. 

In a bid to continue the progress of the game and introduce new players to this new environment, the Axie team has issued a challenge to all community members to create educational or learning materials for players to learn more about the game, the new mechanics, new cards, runes, charms and everything else you can find in the new game. 

As a reward for participants of this challenge, the team will be using 1,000 AXS from the Community Ecosystem Fund and award prizes to the best materials produced. Anyone who wishes to participate can and it can be in any language they choose. 

The official substack shares that they are open to a wide variety of content as long as it educates and teaches new players. The team has outlined some of the projects they are most interested to view which include:

  • Infographics and diagrams
  • Music and Dance with a focus on education
  • Custom Card Art
  • Origin-inspired Cosplay
  • Streams that focus on mechanics and features
  • TikTok vids introducing the new version of the game
  • Guides

This list isn’t exhaustive and you can view a list of all the content they are looking for on the official substack.

There will be 1 Grand Prize winner of 180 AXS with an Axie Hoodie, Four (4) runner-up winners of 80 AXS and Axie Hoodie, and 50 honorable mentions with 10 AXS each.

The deadline for submissions for the educational content is on April 21, 2022 at 11 PM EST and the winners will be announced May 1, 2022 on