BombCrypto BCOIN value plummets

BombCrypto updates leave BCOINers B-mused

Are the changes to BombCrypto gameplay really going to change the trajectory of BCOIN?

BombCrypto deployed new updates that add more uses for Bomber Coin (BCOIN), the game’s utility token, and expand the gameplay experience. But while adding more utility and spending opportunities to a crypto token usually excites fans, that may not be the case with BombCrypto.

The first new feature is the addition of more cosmetics and personalization, as well as the opportunity for players to change the name of their heroes and houses. Doing so will consume a certain amount of BCOINs as a fee, although the impact of this on the overall circulating amount isn’t really expected to be that significant.

The next deployed feature is aimed mainly at encouraging players to tweak their gameplay approach by allowing them to change or reset the skills of their BombCrypto characters. Fees or the amount of BCOINs needed for each reset will also vary depending on character rarity… and the more rare the characters are, the higher the applicable fees will be. 

Feedback regarding this gameplay update seems to be divided within the player community: Some welcome this change, others state that this gameplay update seems futile given the numerous nerfs and changes to the character skills.

On the subject of tweaking the gameplay approach, BombCrypto also deployed an update that will let players upgrade the rarity of their characters. While this could help improve the gameplay experience for some (and is a great use case scenario for BCOIN) BombCrypto’s upgrade mechanic looks to be on a gacha system and does include success and failure rates.

Should the  upgrade process fail, a player can lose not just BCOINs but also the character that they are attempting to upgrade. This mechanic could potentially hurt players given the cost of NFT characters — during our latest marketplace check, the lowest priced CryptoBomb hero is worth 815 BCOINs or roughly $430.50 USD.

Perhaps the most interesting — some might say, weird — new feature is the use of BCOINs to unlock and story mode gameplay without any rewards. While playing BombCrypto’s story mode does require the use of keys, players approach it as a way to earn more in-game currency. 

BombCrypto’s reasoning behind this is to allow players to “play for fun” using the story mode but it could have been opened up for free and still required the use of keys to unlock rewards.

BombCrypto’s BCOIN is experiencing a downward trend, with the value plummeting way from its all-time high. The coin’s value hit its current all-time high of  $8.77 USD back in November before going on a steady decline. As of this article’s writing BCOIN’s value is currently at USD $0.52, a 93.9% drop since November of 2021.

Bomber Coin BCOIN 2.16.22
Souce: CoinGecko