Big Time announces partnership with blockchain platform Open Loot

There's a free NFT giveaway too!

The blockchain MMORPG Big Time seems to be nearing official launch as they announce partnership with a new web3 platform. The platform, Open Loot, offers end-to-end solutions for launching web3 games. This means that Big Time could soon be open to more gamers.

Open Loot describes itself as a “”platform for the next generation of web3 games”. The platform offers various tools and solutions not just for launching ew games but also to support other blockchain game elements. These elements include the economy and the marketplace of games like Big Time, their newest partner. Open Loot’s back-end team is also the same team behind Big Time so the partnership really comes to no surprise. Aside from Big Time, Open Loot also is partners with other blockchain titles – War Spark, Gacha Monsters and Blitz GT. Additional features that Open Loot can offer includes hosting of NFT airdrops, custodial wallets and back-end support.

Together with the announcement of this partnership, Big Time is hosting an NFT giveaway on their twitter platform. Participants in the giveaway can win  small rare spaces, the game’s equivalent to NFT lands. Participation is as easy as retweeting a post and following both the game and the platform’s twitter accounts. Big Time is an upcoming ‘AAA blockchain MMORPG’ set in a fictional sci-fi world. The game features highly relatable MMORPG gameplay with some new twists and blockchain integration. Maps use a procedural generation mechanic meaning that the player experience can be a little unique to each other. In the game players can quickly switch in between classes without losing progression. The game also features known historical icons both as NPCs and villains.

Big Time is currently in early access with players being required to own a Ruby Pass to experience the game and provide feedback. For more info on the game, you can also check out our feature on Big Time available here at