Blankos Block Party Russia Ukraine

Blankos Block Party suspends service to Russian users

Multiple Play-to-Earn companies have now pulled the plug following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In an official tweet, Blankos Block Party has released a statement suspending their services to Russian users.

In their statement from Mythical Games, Blankos Block Party’s publisher, access to their site and their game servers would be suspended as of March 4, 2022. This is in line with their stand to support the people of Ukraine and abide by the sanctions placed on Russian assets.

Mythical Games has also stated that they understand that the suspension of their services may impact members of their community.

They have also stated that they are calling their community and the rest of the NFT and crypto industry in their call for peace in the war-torn region.

Blankos Block Party is one of a few companies that have decided to take a firm stand against Russia’s actions. Within minutes of their statement, there were several detractors, however.

TOTOS NFT in a reply to the tweet said their investment fund will halt 100% of its allocations into Blankos Block Party NFTs effective Immediately!” and that they “will no longer use the Blankos as PFP and we will sell the NFTs we currently own. They go on to question how this move will help Ukraine.

Another user, LaNgwenya, says they’ll “be selling all my Blankos and moving on” and going on to say that their act is “xenophobia.” Meanwhile, user DurkeyTurkey says “Crypto was designed to be an open and free market. If you are putting blocks on people because of where they live you are anti-crypto. I will not be participating in your project anymore.

However, not all comments were negative. Some users showed support for the Blankos Block Party with one tweet saying in emojis “heart Ukrainian flag” while another, Nathan Williams, said that the stand of the game and the company should not “stop people from investing in Blankos Block Party,” even going so far to state that “it’s the most promising project that they have come across.“

Animoca Brands, Opensea, and Metamask have also suspended operations in Russia in line with global sanctions against the country.