Blankos Block Party teases partnership with Atari

This is one for the retro fans.

Atari expands their metaverse portfolio together with Blankos Block Party. The pioneering video game brand is partnering with the multiplayer experience starting with community collaborations.

The announcement is made on the Blankos Block Party twitter account through a teaser video showing the Atari logo. The video is also stylized to look  like Pong, Atari’s first arcade video game. Prior to the announcement another collaboration with Atari and Blankos Block Party also took place. The collab was for a retro-themed building competition which invited players to create experiences within Blankos themed around Atari and other retro games.

Atari is one of the first video game brands which roots date back to 1972. Atari’s initial focus was on arcade games with one of their first games being Pong. Other than arcades, Atari also went into developing consoles like the Atari 2600, Atari 5200 and more. The brand changed hands multiple times with the last one being Hasbro Interactive from 1998 to 2001. Right now Atari’s businesses include not just video games but also hotels, and just recently, web3 as well.

Outside of Blankos Block Party, Atari is also in collaboration with The Sandbox for metaverse experiences. Other than the recent announcement and the previous collab no information is available just yet detailing the partnership of Blankos and Atari. Blankos Block Party is known for its many multiplayer experiences in an expansive world, similar to games like Roblux. Blankos is mainly free to play but players can own assets like NFTs through drops and marketplace trading. The brand is also in collaboration with other brands, like the artist Quiccs, musician deadmau5 and luxury brand Burberry.

Blankos development is led by Mythical Games and its experiences range from platforming activities, racing, shooting, tag, and more. Users can also customize their characters and create new experiences in Blankos adding to the game’s community collaborative element.