Bombcrypto scammers

BombCrypto announces Token, scammers race them for marketplace listing

A scammers are not the bomb

Play-to-earn game BombCrypto has finally introduced plans of launching a new coin called the Senspark token as their next major milestone in their project roadmap. However the supposed excitement and fun was slightly derailed as it has been revealed that scammers are trying to list the coin ahead of the official launch.


Early this week, information about the Senspark Token was announced by BombCrypto together with an AMA event providing more detail to this new project milestone. The Senspark token will be built on the Binance Smart Chain network, and will include functionalities such as NFT purchases, character upgrades, in-game rewards and future governance and voting participation for other Senspark projects.

Interestingly, despite having a governance functionality, Senspark will be of unlimited supply, a stark contrast with other governance coins like Axie Infinity’s AXS and Pegaxy’s PGX which both have hard caps when it comes to the overall supply. Bomb Crypto does have a finite token already live called the BCOIN although the whitepaper never really did state any plans of employing governance functionality for the said token.

Then of course, a bunch of scammers immediately proceeded to go ahead and ruin the fun. Following BombCrypto’s announcement, several attempts have been made to list the Senspark token on trading platforms ahead of the official launch. Currently we have found 2 listings for the Senspark token found on the coin exchange platform, Poo Coin and both have been trading at various prices since April 6, 2022. Another listing for the supposed Senspark token can also be found on Pancake swap although trading data for it is currently unavailable.

On top of all of that, the BombCrypto player base are not at all welcoming when it comes to this announcement. Many are pointing out the supposed flaw in making the Senspark token come with unlimited supply as this would mean that oversupply is imminent, depending on the actual coin functionality, and a faster value crash could easily happen. The sentiment partly comes from the fact that the value of BCOIN, native token of BombCrypto, is yet to recover after falling hard early this 2022. BCOIN hit its all time high of USD 8.77 (PHP 442.52) back in November 2021, before seeing a downward trend all the way to sub USD 1 (PHP 51.52) in February 2022.

It has been a troubling year for the BombCrypto in general as it staggers to retain its player base and dwindling BCOIN value despite moves such as launching staking features last month