BombCrypto Project-Meta announced

BombCrypto teases PROJECT-META

Despite taking heat from the community for the BCOIN slump, the team outlines its future.

Amidst the recent storm over the game economy that they are currently weathering, Senspark, the development team behind BombCrypto, gives its community a teaser of PROJECT-META, BombCrypto’s planned metaverse expansion.

PROJECT-META’s teaser, which is also called a draft for some reason, introduces new features such as the Center which seem to act like a central hub or town for players. In Centers, players can put up structures like shop houses, restaurants, warp gates, amusement parks, and even social themed areas such as stages and meeting places. New economic opportunities like house rentals, and taxes are also teased, although not a lot of detail is revealed just yet.

As it is a metaverse project, the concept of having mini-games for additional play-to-earn opportunities is also included.

Just like other metaverse expansion projects like the Axie Infinity Builder’s Program and Pegaxy’s Satellite, we assume that PROJECT-META will also utilize BombCrypto’s IP and assets for these mini-games as well as its native token BombCrypto token (BCOIN).

These new metaverse experiences are not just for gains but could also introduce new spending and burning mechanisms for the BCOIN, helping boost and stabilize the token’s economic power. With the mention of Centers, PROJECT-META also introduces metaverse land development, although the functionality for lands only include buying and renting for now. 

Another feature included in the PROJECT-META teaser is the future conversion of BombCrypto’s current NFT assets into 3D objects adding more depth and dimension to the design.

This approach will also apply to Senspark’s future projects which means that players can soon own and even trade not just BombCrypto assets but other assets tied to other Senspark properties in the near future as well. Together with NFT assets, BCOIN will also play a part in Senspark’s future projects and collaborative efforts, theoretically expanding its utility.