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BombCrypto to testfire staking feature today

Time for passive BCOIN earning!

BombCrypto announces that they will be starting the test for a new staking feature today. This will also add new utility to the game’s native coin, BCOIN, although we have yet to find out if this improves the token’s current value.

The new Stake feature can be done either via web or in-game with various rulesets and earn rates depending on the amount of BCOIN being put up for staking. As per BombCrypto’s announcement, staking can be done either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on user preferences. Just like with any other staking feature, the rewards would depend on the number of BCOINs that are being put up for staking as well as the total number of BCOINs from all of the participating users. BombCrypto also adds that they are planning to upgrade the staking feature as development continues to allow for better rewards schemes especially for users who have “have measurably added value to the Bombcrypto ecosystem prior to claiming


BombCrypto’s web and in-game staking feature will launch its test version today March 18, 2022. The test is to allow for community feedback and to check for bugs before the feature’s launch later on. BombCrypto says the feature is currently “90% complete” based on their roadmap and is well within the timeline for launch.


Staking is another way of earning rewards in cryptocurrency. Staking allows users to assist the blockchain in some of its processes to make it work. Coins or tokens that are put up for staking will assist in verifying or validating transactions by way of a “consensus mechanism”, adding more blocks into the blockchain and earning rewards by way of fees.

BombCrypto has been searching for a win to keep players engaged after a its previous announcement last month was received rather poorly by its community even after they’ve announced their metaverse plans.