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BreederDAO $BREED Token Launch is ongoing!

A different breed?

BreederDAO has announced that their $BREED Token is going on public sale through a Token Launch Auction (TLA) on Copper. The launch and public sale started from April 26 2:00 UTC to April 29 2:00 UTC.

BreederDAO is a leading provider of high-quality digital assets for blockchain games and virtual worlds. They provide selected content for play-to-earn games that deliver the best value that is available on the platform. They are looking to be the premier asset factory for the Metaverse.

BreederDAO states that they’ve built their token $BREED upon three major stakeholders in their ecosystem. These are Games, Guilds and Gaming Enthusiasts. The $BREED token powers the whole ecosystem of BreederDAO. 

As mentioned earlier, the $BREED TLA will run from April 26 to April 29 for a total of 72 hours. The token is under the ETHEREUM Network so its interoperability with a lot of NFT games as they also run under the ETH Network. The token sale will not have any minimum amount and you can use USDC, ETH, WETH and DAI in the trade. 75 million BREED tokens will be available for sale at the starting price of 1.50 USDC per BREED token.

As part of the public announcement, BreederDAO has decided to use Copper as the platform for their launch of the token. The team stated that they are committed to providing a fair and equitable opportunity for everyone in their community and found that Copper to be the platform that will help them achieve their needs. 


$BREED Token Launch Checklist

If you are interested in investing in the $BREED token, you will need a couple of things ready. It’s quick and simple to allow anyone to jump in and join in the public sale. Here’s what you will need:

  • Ethereum-based wallet – you will need a wallet that can support ETH such as Metamask, WalletConnect, or Ledger that can connect directly to the site of the public sale.
  • Sufficient ETH for the transaction and gas fees that are necessary for the trades. You may check for the latest gas fee rates.
  • Sufficient funds to buy the BREED tokens. As mentioned earlier, you may use DAI, USDC, WETH and ETH to purchase the tokens.
  • Access to where you can connect your wallet and exchange your tokens for BREED tokens. 


For those interested in joining the $BREED token public sale, you may view the official launch page on Copper here.

Those looking for a complete how-to guide, you may check out the checklist here. You may also view the launch guide here and the staking guide here.