Calvaria blockchain play to earn NFT card game preview

Calvaria is the Mexican-afterlife card game you always wanted

The new play-to-earn blockchain-based NFT game is slated for a Q2 release.

Mexican mythology and dark fantasy combine to find a new home on the blockchain with the announcement of Calvaria: Duels of Eternity.

Calvaria is poised to launch later this year with the target being in Q4 of 2022. Just like many other play to earn (P2E) games, Calvaria promises “true ownership of winnable assets”; not just tokens, but also NFTs to its future players.

The game boasts creative designs and unique takes on mythological creatures and characters from Aztec and other South American cultures, with beings such as Quetzalcoatl, and even the ancient warrior class Ocēlōtl.

Detailed in the current version of their whitepaper, Calvaria’s will feature both single player PVE and multiplayer PVP game modes with the PVP modes to become the game’s main Play to Earn driver.

The game will offer two tokens: First the RIA, Calvaria’s main governance token, and secondly the eRIA, the utility token. eRIA will be the main Play to Earn token and can be earned by winning matches in the planned PVP modes. eRIA can then be used to purchase in-game digital goods and resources or swap them for other currencies on crypto exchanges and trading platforms. 

RIA on the other hand, aside from governance, will also be reserved for staking, and initial game access through the purchase of card decks, as well as future rewards for events and planned esports tournaments.

Meanwhile, their website is filled with florid descriptions of ‘domains’ which suggest a creative imagination, if nothing else: “Void’s growing sentience is a perturbation spreading like a thousand black tendrils, a wave of dark synapse filled with hateful intentions. This is the void in motion.”

As it is still in its very early development stage, not a lot of detail is provided yet on Calvaria’s gameplay. However, the developers did mention in their whitepaper that they plan to include more game modes along the way.

Calvaria’s development team will be considering the fact that a sustainable and balanced economy is becoming a problem for NFT or play to earn games in the long run, with more people farming for tokens and less people burning or spending them.

Speaking of the developers, it is worth noting that aside from their names and descriptions, no external links are provided regarding the profiles and track records of the Calvaria development team. While not necessarily a red flag, we hope to see more information on the team emerge before too long.

Security audits for their tokens and smart contracts are also unconfirmed, although the team has at least outlined a detailed plan for vesting and gradual unlocking of their tokens, which lasts up until 2027.

As they are starting to push out more announcements and promotional material, we’re expecting to hear more Calvaria: Duels of Eternity soon.