Catheon Gaming to bring Tokyo Conception mobile game to the blockchain

Catheon Gaming, ranked as the No. 1 blockchain gaming emerging giant in the 2022 KPMG & HSBC Emerging Giants in Asia Pacific report, is pleased to announce a partnership with Dancing Bonito Incorporated & SPARK Incorporated to bring Tokyo Conception to the blockchain.

Tokyo Conception is a mobile RPG game set in Tokyo in the aftermath of an ancient ritual that infested the metropolis with swathes of monsters. Players take the role of legendary beings, known as “Youkai”, in their quest to defeat the monsters and restore order to the world. Highly successful in its original release, Tokyo Conception has over 2.5 million downloads, with a peak of 100,000 daily active users, and 400,000 monthly active users.

In cooperation with Catheon Gaming, Dancing Bonito Incorporated & SPARK Incorporated will launch a blockchain enabled version of Tokyo Conception that will leverage its high quality existing build and sizable existing player base. The game will feature a full blockchain economy with token and NFT elements to empower all player types.

Dancing Bonito Incorporated & SPARK Incorporated founded by Japanese game industry specialists, are leveraging their collective experience in creating AAA games for PC, console, and smartphones at major game publishers with the intent to make a full-scale entry into the field of blockchain gaming.

Catheon Gaming actively searches the market for quality games with high entertainment value to bring on the blockchain. From SolChicks, Seoul Stars, Angrymals and Aotuverse, Onigiri to the more recently announced Prajna Gate and Stars End, the company’s portfolio has grown from one to 25 titles in less than 12 months and has many more titles currently in discussion.

William Wu, founder and co-CEO of Catheon Gaming said: “Tokyo Conception is an incredibly high quality mobile game with a large existing player base. We are extremely excited to be working with the high quality teams from Dancing Bonito Incorporated and SPARK Incorporated to bring this game to the blockchain. The game was a hit in its initial release and we are confident we can bring it back better than it was before with a focus on empowering players leveraging the blockchain.”

Dancing Bonito Incorporated & SPARK Incorporated Commented: “We are thrilled about collaborating with Catheon Gaming in blockchain gaming and other areas. The Catheon Gaming team understands gaming products and Web3. They also have a one-stop blockchain game solution that can transfer our experience and capabilities in the game industry to the blockchain gaming market. We believe we can produce high-quality products together.