Clip from Dr DisRespect’s NFT game surfaces to a divided fanbase

Yay or nay?

Superstar streamer Dr DisRespect takes his expertise into blockchain with an NFT game project called DEADROP. Currently in development, a new clip surfaces on the internet, which led to fans now becoming a bit divided on the project.

Following his controversial exit from Twitch, Dr. DisRespect made waves last year back after his announcement of a new project. The streamer and former CoD level designer reveals that he has been working on a web3 project. Back in 2021, the doc launches his own  gaming studio called Midnight Society. The studio’s first project, DEADROP, is an upcoming AAA vertical extraction shooter that will include NFTs and blockchain tech. Similar to the games that he is playing, Dr DisRespect urges his community to help in the development of the game. One method is through selling of access passes in the form of NFTs. Together with game access, holders of DEADROP NFT passes can also “vote key design decisions that will shape the future development of the game“.

Now months after the initial NFT sale, a clip from the much anticipated game surfaces on the internet. Surfacing on twitter, the 90-second clip gives a glimpse of gameplay early on game’s the development stage. Instead of excitement though, the fanbase is  more divided on the looks and feels of the game and have been sharing their sentiments on Dr DisRespect’s AAA project.

According to Tom Henderson, one of the users who shared the clip, Dr DisRespect “probably meant CoD mobile” referring to an old tweet by Dr DisRespect saying that if he “can take a screenshot right now…blows out anything from CoD engine” possibly referring to the DEADROP’s graphical prowess. Dr DisRespect is previously involved in a Call of Duty project, specifically Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Other users have chimed in on the comment, saying that it “looks more of a PS3” game.

Still, there are fans who have pointed out that the game is still in development and that the ” footage is from very early alpha”, citing the long road of its development. It is also worth pointing out that both the Midnight Society and DEADROP’s social media channels have not shared or posted anything from the game aside from the initial marketing materials.

Dr DisRespect’s DEADROP is currently in development and no specific release date or timeline is provided as of this time.