CONQuest Festival 2022 - What to expect?

CONQuest Festival – web3, celebrities and more!

Check out all that you can find at CONQuest Festival 2022

This weekend will celebrate gaming as CONQuest Festival heads to Metro Manila. The event brings gaming personalities, esports, and web3 brands in their first Metro Manila event and their first event since the lockdown.

CONQuest Festival began in Iloilo City, Philippines, back in 2017. The event featured mainly features esports, a gathering of gaming communities, and art. This year, it will include web3 brands with their event partners MetaCrafters and Coinbase Wallet. Games like Axie Infinity will be at CONQuest Festival, mixed with traditional gaming names and experiences. The event covers two floors of the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, and offers numerous activities for its attendees.

Meet Celebrities and Personalities

The biggest highlight of CONQuest Festival is the various meet and greets that feature different gaming personalities. They range from International names like VALORANT star Kyedae, VTubers Bao and Senz, Genshin Impact Voice actors, and even local personalities. These celebrities will also be present in the various activities of CONQuest Festival. Fans will have a chance to meet them personally or attend their Q&A sessions, where they share their experiences and career highlights.

The CONQUest Festival 2022 guest lineup including gaming celebrities and esports personalities
CONQuest Festival’s guest lineup includes VALORANT streamer Kyedae as well as gaming couple Lilypichu and Michael Reeves

Web3 brands and Keynotes

Web3 and blockchain enthusiasts also have a spot at CONQuest Festival. The event includes keynotes from its partner brands like Coinbase wallet and MetaCrafters. In addition to these blockchain experiences, the event ticket will consist of an NFT collectible featuring their event mascot. The event collectible is available in two variants, an attendee exclusive and a standard version. As an NFT, holders will have access to event-only perks like access to giveaways and discounts on merchandise.


The event will host various esports activities as gaming is still at its center. AcadArena’s Alliance Games tournament finals for League of Legends and VALORANT will be on the main stage. Celebrity show matches and MLBB tournament finals are also present. Blockchain esports also has a spot at CONQuest Festival with an Axie Infinity Origin Tournament. Fans can also join a Pokemon Unite Tournament, and TEKKEN 7 and Guilty Gear Strive tournaments under the Road to REV Major series.

Esports at CONQuest Festival featuring TEKKEN 7
CONQuest Festival 2018 featured and open tournament for TEKKEN 7

When, where, and how?

CONQuest Festival 2022 will be this coming July 23-24, 2022, at the SMX Convention Center, Metro Manila. Tickets are available on their website, with various tiers to choose from. Gates open as early as 9:30 AM on both days, and attendees must bring proof of vaccination before entry.