Crypto Unicorns launches land vending feature

Expand your land and let your unicorns roam free

Crypto Unicorns players will now have more ways to acquire NFT lands. The game’s newest feature, land vending, offers land sales using resources that can be farmed in-game.

The feature, land vending, is a new marketplace where players can buy lands. The difference this time though is instead of using Ethereum (ETH), players will be using another form of resource. This resource is called keystone and can be acquired as a product of activities like crafting. Keystone can also be purchased in the Crypto Unicorns marketplace using the in-game tokens.

To buy or vend lands using keystones, players need to visit the vending marketplace within the Crypto Unicorns website. Once there, players can select from a variety of lands, depending on rarity, and vend them as soon as they have enough keystones. Players also need to take note that similar to any other NFT purchase, vending requires a slippage fee. After paying all the fees, the NFT land is then transferred to the player accounts ready for use in-game.

Currently, the land vending page includes lands from 4 different rarity tiers. Lands from Common all the way to Hidden rarity are available for players to buy. Lands are a huge resource asset in Crypto Unicorns which gameplay currently revolves around land-based activities. These activities include farming, crafting, and as well as social aspects. The game’s competitive game modes like racing and jousting are yet to go live. Both game modes are expected to be deploy later this year though, based on the project’s roadmap. More social features are also on the way including tribes and neighborhoods.

Crypto Unicorns is a digital pet collectible game made by Laguna Games. The game is available to play online via browser. As of the moment there is no info yet if the game is coming to other known blockchain game platforms like mobile.