Decentraland now has a Metaverse ATM

Now that's something new!

Decentraland, the popular Metaverse land development game reaches new heights with the launch of the “metaverse  ATM”. Done in partnership with Transak, Decentraland players can now easily purchase crpyto while inside the game world.

The innovation will put up virtual ATM that allows for fiat to crypto conversions. The project’s partner is Transak, a development company focused on web3 integrations. Through Transak ATMs, players can acquire Decentraland’s currency, MANA, simply by using it in-game. The process is not completely within Decentraland as using the virtual machines redirects users to a form that they need to fill-up. Purchase also requires the use of credit or debit cards supported by Transak. In addition to MANA, other major Cryptocurrencies are also available for purchase. These tokens include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and even the memecoin Dogecoin (DOGE).

Aside from Decentraland, Transak also has integrations with other games like Splinterlands. The virtual ATM also supports crypto wallets including the popular MetaMask, and physical wallets such as Ledger. Decentraland users can also add ‘branches’ of the virtual ATM on their own Decentraland land plots. The feature allows for potential monetization opportunities for the metaverse land owners. These opportunities includes putting additional fees to each transaction on virtual ATMs that are on their land. As of the moment, the Transak virtual ATM is located on Decentraland’s Airdrop Tower.

Decentraland is a massive blockchain metaverse that allow users to create or develop their own metaverse experiences. The project runs on the Ethereum network and started its development back in 2015. Right now the project is considered to be one of the biggest names in metaverse land development and includes popular brands as its partners. Shoe brands like Nike and Adidas own properties in Decentraland, and back in February, crypto exchange Whitebit developed a ‘virtual office‘ within the platform’s metaverse that users can tour.