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Een Mercado claims final seat on Axie Esports Integrity Council

The council which was designed to protect and safeguard the values of sportsmanship

Over the weekend, the final seat in the Axie Esports Competitive Integrity Council was granted to popular streamer and content creator Een Mercado. She now joins several Sky Mavis devs, an Esports organizer, an Axie pro player, on the council which was designed to protect and safeguard the values of sportsmanship in the hit play-to-earn creature card battler.

The council was formed a few weeks ago in light of the devastating match-fixing incident late last month. The incident in question led to 7 of Axie’s top players being banned from Esports competition in the game due to a dubious discord which coordinated match fixing, player dodging and win trading.

With some of the top players involved in the scandal saying their piece about their involvement in it, it’s become apparent that  the issue is quite an open secret and calling into question the competitive integrity of the game. It appears as though this is what warranted Axie developer Sky Mavis to form the above stated council. 

The Axie Esports Competitive Council is composed of Axie program lead Zyori, esports manager Stewart, and support team members Oxaciano and pos2. Bill Elafros, founder of BEAT Esports will represent the esports organizers side while competitive player Indes will be the pro playing member. The 7th seat on the council which eventually went to Een Mercado was voted upon by the council from a pool of influential community figures which included Steve Woody, Xero, Greg ‘whatisship’ Laird and EduMock.

The specifics of the serving on the Axie Esports Competitive Integrity Council such as term limits and re-election protocols are still to be determined. The Council terms for the 3 Axie community members, Een, Indes and Bill Elafros will tentatively last for less that a year. The exact duties and responsibilities of the council members have also not been specified.

Een Mercado is veteran streamer and gaming content creator. She has previous experience as an esports talent, host and ambassadress for gaming juggernauts Rumble Royale, Mineski and other gaming-related brands like Logitech and Acer. Lately she’s been a key figure in the local and international Axie Infinity community through her streaming and involvement with Yield Guild Games as their Head of Talent Development.