GensoKishi Online is a port of Elemental Knights to Play to Earn style blockchain game

Elemental Knights goes metaverse with NFT-based version GensoKishi Online

Will this be the cutest game in the metaverse?

Elemental Knights, the award-winning MMORPG title from development team Winglight, will make the move into the metaverse with its play-to-earn version, GensoKishi Online

Just as WolfFun Games did with Heroes Strike and Thetan Arena, GensoKishi Online will port all of the gameplay elements from Elemental Knights, and add new ones particularly leaning towards NFTs and the metaverse

Elemental Knights is Winlight’s long-running MMORPG, first released in 2011, and now spanning 13 years. It’s available on mobile and as well as console platforms like the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switc

The game features vibrant and cute 3D designs for its characters and world, with large scale battles that can engage multiple players. The game also boasts highly customizable characters and cosmetics. All of these elements will then be making their way to  GensoKishi Online, the play-to-earn or “GameFi ” version, plus a few extras centered around a new in-game economy.

In GensoKishi Online, players can earn and use the ROND token, residing on the Polygon Network, which they can use to swap for other currencies or purchase NFTs that can be used in game. Earning ROND can be done through killing monsters or by quest rewards.

However, the GensoKishi Online development team adds that you don’t earn ROND “simply playing the game” but rather it is awarded to players “who work with their friends in the game, explore the dungeons, and play correctly”. This means that there will be certain conditions that have to be met first before a player starts earning ROND.

As for utility, ROND can be used to purchase NFT items that can be used in-game, such as weapons and cosmetics, as well as accessing certain parts of the world as a form of fee. 

Additional features that utilize NFTs or blockchain technology in-game also include land purchases — which players can customize too — as well as the chance to earn extra passive income, as visiting player properties require fees in the form of ROND. 

Additional utility that will help decide ROND token’s value also include: Joining various game modes, equipment upgrading, faster map warp times, and the opportunity to participate in events.

GensoKishi Online plans to enter its alpha and beta test phases later this year with a probable release sometime next year. An initial NFT auction for the in-game cosmetics is also ongoing, and interested players can head on to their marketplace to find out more.