Ethlas NFT Komo Play to Earn dragons

Ethlas mints cute dragon NFTs for Play to Earn gamers

Why play to earn in one game when you can do it in multiple games?

The new play-to-earn experience Ethlas is more than just a game, it’s more of a platform that hosts several play-to-earn games and experiences, similar to the Kongregate and Newgrounds flash game hubs of yesteryear, using NFT creatures called the Komo.

Ethlas plans to become a “one-stop shop” for different play-to-earn experiences, ranging from arcade-style games to its upcoming titles that will utilize its native NFT asset, Komo. The NFT is minted on the Polygon blockchain.

Designed after the Komodo Dragon, a large lizard native to Indonesia, the Komo will provide utility not just as a playable character but also through access to these upcoming unique games, as well as other content like exclusive missions. One of the first of these exclusive games is called the Komo Cup which is a high stakes casual game that will let Komo owners win up to USD $10,000 worth of rewards through its daily tournaments.

Another upcoming game that will utilize the Komo NFT creatures is the Komo Clash, a turn-based RPG battle featuring teams of Komos. Komo Clash will have both PVP and PVE modes that include adventure and boss-battles.

The Ethlas platform also currently hosts daily events for its existing arcade titles which will let players earn gems, the platform’s metaverse currency that can be converted into XGEMs, its ERC-20 mirror equivalent. The XGEM token serves as Ethlas main utility token which will be used for all in-game transactions and as well as real world trading on platforms such as Quickswap.

While Komo Cup and Komo Clash. will require you to have Komo creatures, the other games now available on the Ethlas platform are completely free and are inspired by other arcade-style experiences. These games offer multiple rewards for players, such as free spins on the Wheel of Fortune feature that rewards more gems or ores that can be forged into NFT collectibles.

Aside from its free-to-play arcade games and its upcoming Komo-based NFT titles, additional earning opportunities in the Ethlas platform also include the Elementals feature. Elementals can be combined with the Komo creatures not just for in-game use but for staking rewards as well.

A Land feature is also discussed in the platform’s whitepaper, with gameplay details that include setting up homes and training facilities for Komos as well as resource gathering. Just like the other land features found in existing play to earn games like Axie Infinity, Ethlas lands are also NFTs and can be traded once it’s fully launched.

As of this article’s writing Ethlas is holding its pre-sale mint of Komos while a limited quantity of Komo eggs are also available for purchase on Ethlas’ OpenSea storefront.

A public sale began on March 2nd, and at publishing time 6,355 of the 8,337 Komos were already minted.