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Even without token rewards, 200,000+ people are playing Axie Origin

That's a crazy first 12 hours!

The Axie team took to Twitter 12 hours after the launch of Axie Infinity Origin to talk about updates since the launch and what their roadmap is for developing and improving the game for their players. 

For those who don’t know, Axie Infinity is a blockchain-enabled NFT game that runs on a play-to-earn model. The game was initially launched in 2018 and gained widespread popularity during the pandemic due to it being an alternate source of income. Axie Infinity Origin is version 3 of the game and just launched yesterday, April 7, 2022, after much hype surrounding the game. 

Currently, there are no token incentives for playing the game. Axie Origin also launched only on the desktop PC and Mac via the Mavis Hub leaving out a huge portion of its fanbase that play solely on mobile. Yet, despite this, the Axie team reports that the game launch has been smooth and they’re stated that there are 227,128 active testers involved during the game’s early access just in the first 12 hours. The’ve also reported that their marketplace volume has gone up a significant percentage.

As the game allows you to use both starter Axies and personal Axies that are linked to your account, volume has also gone up in the Axie marketplace. It is up by 430% today compared to yesterday. This is possibly due to many people looking to use different kinds of Axies for play in Origin.

The team has also shared their roadmap for the development of Axie Infinity Origin so that people know what are the next steps. The first two items on the list are bug fixes, polishing, and balancing tweaks, as well as the mobile APK release. These two items are currently in development at the moment so can be expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

Other items on the list include some very interesting updates, some of which have very few details released as of now. Some of the updates to look forward to include the AXS Leaderboard rewards in Origin, SLP rewards in Origin, NFT Charms and Runes, Axie Body Part Accessories, Axie Upgrading, Chapter 2 of Adventure Mode, Advanced Crafting, and even a Rogue-like PVE mode. 

According to the developers, this list is not exhaustive as there are other ideas they have discussed which may later be included in their roadmap and so it may be subject to change. 

Axie Infinity Origin is currently in the Alpha stage at its launch and further updates will arrive as the development team works on bug fixing and tweaking. Stay tuned for more information on the game as new updates arrive.

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